Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Bureau is a voluntary organisation which provides free, confidential information and advice to anyone about any query or problem. Citizens Advice Bureaux is staffed by trained volunteers who can access information by computer or from the extensive range of resources held by each bureau.

The Citizens Advice Bureau aims to ensure individuals know their rights and responsibilities, and are aware of services and organisations within the community that can help them with any given query.

What does it do?

The Citizens Advice Bureau can provide information about almost anything, and if they can’t – they’ll put you in touch with someone who can. Some of the common queries answered by Citizens Advice include legal issues, housing queries, relationship problems, neighbour disputes, and how to get in touch with local clubs and organisations.

In addition to answering queries over the phone, the Citizens Advice Bureau has a wide range of information on their website – They provide step-by-step guides to help you find out what you need to know to resolve your problem.

Citizens Advice Bureau also acts as a public watchdog and an advocate for the disadvantaged or unfairly treated. They use their enquiries information to build a picture of what is affecting our communities, both locally and nationally.

How is it funded?

The Citizens Advice Bureau is funded by central and local government, lottery grants, and a number of trusts. Volunteers are constantly fundraising to make up the difference between what they have, and what they need to operate effectively.

How can I get their help?

You can find your local Citizens Advice Bureau phone number under ‘C’ in the white pages of your phone book, or free phone 0800 367 222 from anywhere in New Zealand. Or refer to their website below for all of their contact details.

How much does it cost?

All services offered by the Citizens Advice Bureau are completely free.

Link to Citizens Advice Bureau Website

The Citizens Advice website provides contact information for your local bureau, information about submissions they are making to government, and usually information about common topics asked of the CAB.

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The Kiwi Families Team

This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

  • Violet Chong

     thank you for including information about Citizens Advice Bureau on your website. I would like to alert you to a couple of points which are now out of date:
    1. we no longer produce information sheets – we do however have information on a wide range of topics on our website (which was revamped in mid-2010).
    2. Our website no longer has a “Common Topics” section. However the information mentioned above can be accessed from our home page. This includes Consumer, Travel and Transport, Government and Law, etc.

    Kind regards
    Violet Chong
    National Information Coordinator
    Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand

  • Kelly Smith

    Hi there, i dont know if i am on the correct page but i am after some information on how to change my daughters last name to mine. i have full custody of my 11 year old daughter, her father hasnt been around for roughly 8 and half years, she now wants to have the same last name as me. i also have a protection order against my daughters father which covers both myself and her, does this make a difference? we live in melbourne but are from Christchurch. Any information that u could give me would be greatly appreciated.

  • Alana

    Not sure if this is the right place if not, i am currently in the process of separteing from my partner of 8 years, can i move to the north island from the south island with my two children?if he decides not to do it himself.

  • Liz

    hiya, i am enquiring how do i retrieve my hospital records from approx 1976-1979 … does the hospital hold onto this information for such a long period & how or where do i need 2go 2 be put in2 contact with sum1 who can help me out .. cheers

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi LIz,

      You’d be best to contact the CAB directly – their website is

      Good luck,


    • Suzanne

      Hi Liz, I phoned the hospital directly, asked for Records. Unfortunately I was told there were no records kept for that year (1969). Good luck, situation might be different for you.

  • Ruth Barry

    Hi, What do I do if my employer isn´t paying me correctly, doesn´t give a pay slip, doesn´t appear to be doing kiwisaver, pays overtime in the hand at a misery rate and is probably employing people with out a work visa?

    • Rochelle Gribble

      HI Ruth,

      That’s awful! Your best bet is to contact the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Labour section-

      Good luck!


  • Leanne Hardyment

    My mother pass away in March l sure she had a will but her partner said there was not a will they were not married his name is not on the houses that she bought but he is going to sell it can he do this

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Leanne,

      That’s a tough situation! You really need to contact a lawyer or try your local community law centre:

      Good luck!


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