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Quick, easy, mid-week meal ideas

Very busy during the working week? We provide free quick & easy meal recipes for busy families via links direct to selected NZ website pages containing excellent family dinner recipes.

Quick and easy doesn’t have to mean takeaways. If you have some basic ingredients in your cupboard, then you should be able to make a quick and nutritious meal for the kids and the entire family within a reasonable budget.

The¬†websites below have been selected for providing recipes for the family that are¬†healthy and on a budget. Click through to go direct to the web page of¬†your selected meal type — chicken, beef, mince, sausages,¬†pork, ham, bacon, fish,¬†pasta, noodles, rice¬†— for parents to prepare.

Encourage the kids to become active in cooking dinner (of course, under supervision) with the odd recipe from our “Kids as Cooks” selection.

Free Dinner Recipe Websites

Website Page + Description


Food in aMinute


100+ nutritious Chicken recipes, including casserole, pies, pita pockets, pizza, wraps, mild curries, pasta, stir fries, etc



130+ healthy Chicken recipes, including Asian stir fries, Italian dishes, Mexican dishes, casseroles, burgers, etc



70+ healthy Beef recipes, including stroganoff, casseroles, salads, mild curries, stir fries, wraps, pies, etc

Food in aMinute



60+ yummy Beef recipes, including homemade burgers, satay, kebabs, stir fry, burritos, pies


100+ mouth watering Beef (& Lamb) recipes, including traditional, pies, stir fries, mild curries, casseroles, etc

Mince & Sausages


60+ healthy Mince recipes


14 healthy Sausage recipes

Food in aMinute


60 Mince & Sausage recipes, including meatballs, mexican dishes, cottage pies, lasagnes, etc



Lotsa recipes, mostly using Mince, designed for younger children in the family

 Pork, Ham, Bacon


30+ healthy Pork recipes


20+ healthy Ham recipes


20+ healthy Bacon recipes


New Zealand Pork


Search this Pork recipe database for Trim Pork (including fillet, leg steak, medallion, minced, pickled, pieces/diced, schnitzel) and many other cuts of pork


18 Ham recipes


18 Bacon recipes



Find 100+ Fish & Seafood dinner recipes, searching their database via Product (Tuna, Salmon, Frozen Fish Fillets, Shellfish, Calamari, and Other Canned Seafood)



80+ Fish dinner recipes, including homemeade fish ‘n’ chips, fish cakes, pie, bakes, Thai dishes, mild curries, etc

Pasta, Noodles & Rice 

Food in aMinute


80+ Rice, Pasta & Noodles recipes, including Asian stir fries, creamy Italian pasta dishes, fettucine, mild curries, salads, etc



110+ healthy Pasta & Noodles recipes


70+ healthy Rice recipes

 Kids as Cooks

Food in aMinute


70+ easy recipes for¬†“kids as cooks” (under adult supervision), including burritos, pizzas,¬†satays, etc



12 quick & easy meals for the kids to prepare and present to proud parents



The Kiwi Families Team

This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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