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Making your kitchen the heart of your home


If you watch TV at the moment, you will have seen one of the many cooking programmes, which make cooking careers look amazingly glamourous.  There is a vast array of up-and-coming cooks and passionate gastro geniuses on our screens.  The amateurs entering contests all loved cooking so much at home; and having impressed all of their family and friends with what they can produce, they are now looking for how to advance in the dreamy world of foodiedom. Continue reading »

Isaac – the story of the new addition to our family

A new addition

Not content with ‘just’ having preschoolers and deciding more children was not a happening thing, our wee family decided on a new addition. The question was-would this fifth member of our family complete us as a family? Continue reading »

Best laid plans


I am a planner. I love to plan. I think it started off with my enjoyment of a good daydream. Throw in my need to have control, plus a fear of the unknown, and you have the recipe for a serious case of “plan-it-all-itis”. A very well known motivational quote is “to fail to plan is to plan to fail”. Continue reading »

Natural fertility: What is the Sympto Thermal Method?


New Zealand is known for its clean green philosophies and certainly more and more families are embracing natural products and solutions. But did you know that your fertility can be managed naturally too? Natural Fertility for contraception has been used in one form or another for many hundreds of years and is the most widely used form of family planning throughout the world. The modern, medically endorsed and scientifically based Sympto Thermal Method (or STM) is taught to many Kiwi women (and their partners) and allows women to have a non-invasive, natural choice which doesn’t require pill taking whilst still remaining highly effective (at least 98% effective – the same stats as the mini-pill) Continue reading »

Kindercare celebrates


Our story began in January 1972, when Glennie Oborn, a loving mum , opened her first early childhood centre in what was her family home in Auckland. Along with 3 passionate teachers, they welcomed the first twelve children. Four decades on, Kindercare’s still 100% Kiwi-owned, family-owned, and still reflects those same family values, warm, respectful care and meaningful personal connections. It’s no surprise then that it feels like “home” to the children and families we love. Continue reading »

ADHD and children

adhd and children

Having a child with behavioural issues can be extremely challenging for families. It can affect all areas of a child’s life and also the family’s as a whole. Stuart Passmore’s new book, The ADHD Handbook deals with the facts and myths around Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We had a chat with him about some of issues for families with children with ADHD.  Continue reading »

Special Outings and the Birthday book – connecting with your children

Connecting with your children

When we had baby #2, hubby and I fell into the pattern of ‘tagging in and out’ with the kids to GTD (get things done) or have some ‘me’ time.  The trouble with this we found, is that we missed out on that special one-on-one time.   I wanted to have real ‘quality’ or ‘making memories’ time with my kids so we re-ignited a family tradition that I grew up with that I like to call: ‘Special Outings’. These are a great way to keep connecting with your children and build your special bond.  Continue reading »

Holly Walker on sustainable parenting

Holly Walker on sustainable parenting

As a Green MP I spend a lot of time thinking about sustainability. My job involves advocating for a smart, green, sustainable future for all New Zealanders, and I could talk about this all day.  Continue reading »

Get the right life insurance for you and your family

Life insurance

Many families place security right at the top of their priority list – they want to know that money will be there to pay their bills and that those they love are provided for if something happens. Once this priority is taken care of, it is much easier to concentrate on other priorities and get on with life. Continue reading »

6 Steps to teaching your teen to drive

teaching your teen to drive

Teen car crashes have decreased dramatically since New Zealand implemented the graduated driver’s license system in 1987. Unfortunately, car crashes are still the number one cause of death for teens aged 15-19 in New Zealand. Teaching your teen to drive – and how to do it safely – is every parent’s responsibility. And while it can be a daunting task, implementing a structured plan will help reduce your anxiety and ensure your teen is an educated, prepared driver. Continue reading »

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