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Talking about Dry July (and some delicious mocktail recipes!)

Dry July

Giving up alcohol for a month to be part of the Dry July fundraiser, doesn’t mean you are admitting to having a problem. On the contrary, it usually proves that you don’t, that you can happily and healthily make a self-directed change that you and your family can benefit from.  Continue reading »

The future of kids content on tv in New Zealand


Kids content on our television is in a precarious position. We just have to look at the demise of John Campbell’s programme on TV3 to see how stories about ourselves and our country are valued by commercial broadcasters. Children’s content on our television is just as much at risk – there is no quota saying that broadcasters must have a children’s local content offering and no commercial imperative to ensure it has a place. Continue reading »

Talking about Bowel Health

Bowel Cancer

Is bowel cancer on your radar? If not, you’ll likely find the following statistics as sobering as I do: Continue reading »

The importance of wearing the (under)pants.

The importance of wearing the (under)pants

Four years ago, I discovered a pile of unopened utility bills on my husband’s desk. They were buried under a pile of sweet wrappers, junk mail and cat food samples. As a SAHM I decided enough was enough –it was time for me to take over the family finances, a decision my husband would live to regret. Continue reading »

Feel Good for Life: An interview with Claire Turnbull

Claire Turnbull

Nutritionist Claire Turnbull has recently published a new book – Feel Good for Life and we thought she might have some valuable thoughts to share with parents, because who doesn’t want to feel good!?  She’s also recently had a baby so she knows lots about what it’s like to juggle life!
Continue reading »

Sharing common ground – the gift of gardening

Mother's Day

Pondering how best to grow healthy, well-nourished kids is something that occupies the mind of almost every mother. This Mother’s Day, ChildFund is giving Kiwi and Kenyan mums added inspiration with Gunny Sack Gardens. Continue reading »

New Zealand Sign Language Week: Dylan Louie

Sign Lanaguge Week

Every year, Deaf Aotearoa chooses a Deaf person to be the Face of NZSL Week. This year, it’s Dylan Louie, a young Auckland father. Dylan tells us what it’s like to be a Deaf parent today. Continue reading »

Immunisation is their best protection – make sure your child gets their boosters


Babies and children can catch diseases at any time. Immunisation is your child’s best protection against many serious but preventable diseases like whooping cough. This disease is still common in New Zealand. It can cause unnecessary suffering for children and can even be fatal. Continue reading »

Keeping the bugs at bay this winter

keeping bugs at bay

Every year when winter hits, we wonder how can we keep our children from getting sick. It’s a good question but there are no easy answers. Cold and flu viruses can spread like wildfire through homes, daycare and schools during the cooler months and there’s no way to guarantee your children will avoid them. Continue reading »

Growing your family with a host student

host student

We thought our family had stopped growing at two kids. It seemed like the financially responsible thing to do, and my ever practical partner pointed out that we’d need a bigger car if we had any more. Two seemed like plenty in those early years, and if you had told me that one day I could say I had parented ten kids, and be willing to take on more in the future, I would have laughed. No way. Not ever. Continue reading »

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