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Getting Baby to Sleep – 6 to 12 weeks

baby sleep

This month, I’m back on the topic of sleeping babies. In my previous post, I wrote about newborn babies up to about six weeks old. During this time you are probably still finding your way and getting to know your baby. Once your baby is about six weeks old, you might like to think about starting to implement the ‘the 4 Bs’ - Bath, Breast/Bottle, Burps, Bed.  Continue reading »

Getting your baby to sleep in the first few weeks

Helping your baby sleep

There is a minefield of information about babies about there and the issue of sleep is no different. Would you like to create an independent sleeper? One who is able to sleep through the night and resettle themselves as soon as they are able? This is article one in a series of articles that will help you on your journey, with information gleaned from many years of experience with newborns. Continue reading »

Early days with your baby

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In my role as a maternity nurse I often will be in contact with a baby at 48 hours old.  The mums that I work with are in a privileged position to be able to afford to get someone like me to help with the sleepless nights, often they have a cleaner also, nanny for older children, and in the UK, where much of my work has been, there are awesome healthy ready meals available, so that pretty much covers the basics of what is needed in the early days after having a baby…. Continue reading »

The role of communication in getting kids through change


Changes within the family come in almost any conceivable way.  It could be as joyous as the addition of a new baby all the way through to the death of a beloved family member.  Either way, I am going to mention what I believe is the most important aspect of change.  Communication. Continue reading »

Adding fun and insight to kid’s mealtimes

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As this month’s feature is a festival of food, I am going to offer you suggestions to add some fun and insight to kid’s mealtimes!

Where to start?  I believe that starting the relationship to food as you mean to continue with your kids is the way forward.  After the initial weaning stage of only fruits and veggies, transition them to modified versions of what you eat (modified = no salt and less spice).  Of course this is providing that what you eat is actually healthy, I do know of families that eat rubbish themselves – in this case, cook healthier options for the kids.

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Starting solids with your baby

Infant Eating Baby Food

In line with my holistic approach to babies, I am a firm believer in being led by the baby rather than a current way of thinking by any given institution. So, if a baby is showing all the signs of needing food at 4 months, I would start solids and if there weren’t any signs until 7 months I would wait. I am not sure where it comes from, but somehow it makes sense to me that having their needs met as and when required around food helps to set them up with a healthy relationship to it. At least I hope so. Continue reading »

Are you listening to your baby?


In my opinion growing great families essentially comes down to communication and giving the small people space. From that comes trust, respect, a sense of being heard, being important and of being loved. There is no one who would doubt that fresh air, clean water, and healthy food are all essential. However, I believe that effective communication is the key to health and well being – creating the space for a great family to grow. Continue reading »

Health is not merely the absence of disease.


How did I get here?  My journey to physical health transformed me from a firm believer that the only way for babies was the rigid way of the Gina Ford routine – to now sitting somewhere around gentle routine, RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) and Attachment Parenting.  Now, I understand that this is not for everyone, but for me this came from a huge shift of beliefs about what health was, and now is, to me.  So, it begs the question.  What does health look like to you? And, are you and your family in that place? Or do you have DIS-EASE in your home? (A feeling of being not at ease in one or more area, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually). Continue reading »

Childcare options and opinions


So the kids are heading back to school- what about the under fives?

The “right” childcare option would have to be one of the most difficult choices for a parent. You are always looking for what is best for your child. Sometimes it is easy in the sense that cost dictates what is available to your family, but still, I would hazard a guess that a lot (but not all) parents would rather have the option of staying at home with their little ones. Continue reading »

Christmas without stuff


Summer is almost upon us, and that means holidays and Christmas too… I do take a little comfort here in New Zealand that we don’t break out the decorations and paraphernalia at the end of August like they do in the supermarkets in the UK, but all the same, it all starts so early, doesn’t it?

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