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Changing the World is Child’s Play


Changing the World is Child’s Play is a lovely little book designed to help parents make the most of everyday interactions with their children by turning them into playful encounters.

The forward of this book was written by Miriam McCaleb and Nathan Mikaere Walli and says: “Play is central to all aspects of human development, and while it’s a simple idea, it is one of the most complicated processes of systems integration and cognitive stimulation we know of” How very true!
The book is divided up into 2 page topics such as anger, touch, responsibility, water, song. Each topic has a brief context, an example of this in a child’s life and some ideas for how to experience this topic.

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Mountain Buggy nano travel stroller


A lightweight, compact folding travel stroller that provides dual functionality of car seat compatibility to easily transform into a fuss free urban travel stroller – perfect for today’s busy modern families. It’s not the kind of buggy we’re used to from Mountain Buggy but as you would expect, it’s still bloomin’ awesome!

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phil&teds Navigator with Auto Stop

phil&teds navigator buggy review

If you’ve looked at buggies recently, you are probably familiar with the phil&teds Navigator. With 26(!!) riding options, it’s a buggy that works for just about any combination of children that you can think of. The new feature of this version of the Navigator is the Auto Stop.

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Phil&Teds Smart buggy


The Phil&Teds Smart buggy is a stylish, compact, lightweight buggy that is perfect for around town…

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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan


The Cosmopolitan is a new style of buggy for Mountain Buggy. It’s got (gasp!) 4 wheels not the traditional 3 and a different profile from the Mountain Buggy buggies that we know and love. It’s a stylish model that has some fantastic features. The buggy has three positions – front facing, rear facing and reclined and is suitable from birth through to about 4 years (20kg).

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Mountain Buggy Mini


One of my favourite things to do is try new buggies. A bit sad, I know, but I use my buggy a lot and I’m fascinated by how they are engineered for babies and kiddos and also for parents. So, of course, I was more than happy to check out the new Mountain Buggy MB Mini – a new ultra-light buggy that is perfect for around town.

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Mountain Buggy Urban and Urban Jungle


I have been a fan of the mountain buggy since I first saw it as a teenager 18 or so years ago. Which, when I looked at the website, suggests that it was when it first came out. It was so easy to push across rugged terrain. It has come a long way since then with new added benefits, an adjustable handle, upgraded parcel tray, pop off wheels, drinks holders and other various accessories, but the ease of use and good looks remain. Read the full review »

Mountain Buggy +One 2011


I trialled the Mountain Buggy +one. It is a buggy built for one or two children. When configured for two kids, one sits behind the other. The other options are a baby lying flat and a toddler in the front.

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Mountain Buggy Duet 2011


Official Kiwi Families review by Rochelle Gribble

Let’s be clear about this- I ♥ my Mountain Buggy Urban Elite. Sure, it’s a 2008 model but it’s done me proud and is still in constant use. But last week, a brand spanking new Mountain Buggy Duet arrived on my doorstep… Miss 2 ½ insisted on unpacking it immediately and in truth, I’m not sure who was most excited. Read the full review »

Mountain Buggy Swift 2010- Night in the Menagerie


This is the Night in the Menagerie Limited Edition Swift Mountain Buggy. I won it (I was so shocked and still am!) from Kiwi Families/Mountain Buggy not long ago and I love it! It is the smallest and ‘swiftiest’ of their buggies; weighing in at 9.5kg and the frame being only 59cm wide, but also having a sturdy parcel tray that can hold 5kg. It’s perfect for newborn- 5 years (and holds up to 35kg), reclines flat and is easy to do so. The tyres are 10 inches and inflatable, so really lovely to push. Read the full review »

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