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I can’t Imagine How That Happened


In I can’t Imagine How That Happened, by Aimee McNaughton, Meg and Grandpa go camping, and Grandpa’s teasing and practical jokes always end with him saying, ‘I can’t imagine how that happened’.

Until finally the tables are turned and Meg gets her own back!

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When I am Happiest


It’s the second-to-last day of school and Dani’s so happy she could write a book about it! In fact, that’s exactly what she’s done, although it’s not quite finished yet. Now the book is in her backpack with all the other things she has to take home before the summer break. But then Dani gets some bad news. How will she ever be happy again? Sometimes a good friend is all you need to make your heart start laughing.

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Changing the World is Child’s Play


Changing the World is Child’s Play is a lovely little book designed to help parents make the most of everyday interactions with their children by turning them into playful encounters.

The forward of this book was written by Miriam McCaleb and Nathan Mikaere Walli and says: “Play is central to all aspects of human development, and while it’s a simple idea, it is one of the most complicated processes of systems integration and cognitive stimulation we know of” How very true!
The book is divided up into 2 page topics such as anger, touch, responsibility, water, song. Each topic has a brief context, an example of this in a child’s life and some ideas for how to experience this topic.

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When Dad Showed Me the Universe


Tonight Dad wants to show his son something very special: the universe. Of course, they can’t possibly embark on such a daring adventure unprepared, so they wrap up warm, gather provisions, and then off they go. It’s a long walk, but eventually they get there.

Along the way, they learn that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, and sometimes the biggest lessons happen when you least expect them.

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Seeker is a book by Arwen Elys Dayton about a young girl Quin who has trained most of her life to become a seeker. Yet, on the night that she becomes a Seeker she discovers the noble calling she’s dedicated her life to is a lie. And now that she’s taken her oath it’s too late to walk away.

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A Skillful Warrior


A Skillful Warrior is the sequel to A Necklace of Souls by R.L. Stedman. I loved A Necklace of Souls, so much so that when I met R Stedman socially I found myself acting like a fanboy asking when the sequel would be out.

I was provided with an electronic copy of A Skillful Warrior which I enjoyed, however, I have to say that I subsequently received a paper copy and I still prefer having a physical copy.

The story continues with Dana, Will, Jed, and N’tombe travelling together. During this journey, Dana becomes more familiar with the guardians and the skills she is developing.

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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks


I’ve already read “We were liars” by E Lockhart which I really enjoyed so I started reading the disreputable history with a lot of expectation. And I wasn’t disappointed, it is beautifully written and totally engaging. Despite being teen fiction (and me not being a teen) I enjoyed it.

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Rosie’s Radical Rescue Ride


A follow up to “Rosie to the Rescue“, Rosie’s Radical Rescue Ride is another DairyNZ book to educate children on the workings of dairy farms. Filled with familiar NZ scenes, this is the tale of Rosie saving the day once again – this time by helping out with the hay that needs to be baled quickly despite the fact that the tractor has broken down.

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Atlas of Adventures


Set your spirit of adventure free with this lavishly illustrated trip around the world. Explore seven continent maps, packed with hundred of activities and challenges to inspire armchair travellers of any age. Whether you’re visiting the penguins of Antarctica, joining the Carnival in Brazil or a canoe safari down the Zambezi River, this book brings together epic adventures from the remotest corners of the globe and discoveries to made on your own doorstep. Follow one boy and one girl as they travel to over 30 destinations and discover hundreds of things to spot and facts to learn on every page.

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Inner Fire


Inner Fire is Rachel Stedman’s second novel. It is about a teenage girl Corinne who, in addition to all the normal challenges of adolescence, can’t get angry! When she does things and people around her catch fire. After one particularly nasty incident her grandmother comes to take her away and train her about her abilities.

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