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Home Baking

Home baking review

Winner of The Great British Bake Off in 2011, Jo Wheatley has released her second cook book: Home Baking. Jam-packed with both sweet and savoury recipes, Home Baking isĀ suitable for both seasoned bakers and those who are not so familiar with the workings of their oven. Lovely introductions get you enthusiastic about the different items you can create, and beautiful pictures will make your mouth water.

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The Official Lego Annual 2015

Lego annual review

Lego’s 2015 annual is a mix of a broad range of puzzles along with short comic stories. Each of the 59 pages is glossy, with high quality images of Lego scenes and characters from the Lego City, Lego Castle and Lego Minifigures.

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Sweet Envy

Sweet Envy review

Alistair Wise and Teena Kearney-Wise grew up and completed their pastry and bakery apprenticeship in Hobart before heading off for cooking adventures. They have a love of things sweet and Sweet Envy is the most astonishingly delicious collection of sweets and treats.

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We Were Liars


While the old saying says you shouldn’t judge a book by a cover, We Were Liars by E Lockart looked like it would be a fantastic book. And it was. It is beautifully written, at times the way the Author plays with words reminding me of Keri Hulme’s book The Bone People.

The lead character Cadence is a member of a very affluent but dysfunctional Sinclair family that typically spends summer together on their private island. But two summers ago Cadence was found down on the beach with a head injury with no memory of why she was there.

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The Adventures of Walter Weta and Flutter the Fantail


Angie Dennis is a New Zealand artist with a passion for native flora and fauna. In The Adventures of Walter Weta and Flutter the Fantail, Dennis explores new Zealand with a weta and a fantail

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The Iron Trial


Callum Hunt has been told all his life by his father that that magicians can’t be trusted. So when he is tested for magical ability he intends to fail, but somehow he is selected for training at the Magisterium. Previously an outcast he’s happy to find himself fitting into the school and making friends but intends to fail the Iron year so he can leave the school and go back to his life.

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Punctuation Mark


Mark loved punctuation. For starters, it looked funky, and its symbols are understood in all languages. There’s a sign for an exclamation and a question, a dollar, brackets, an AND, an AT and an ASTERISK, as well as one for an ELLIPSIS…a dot, dot, dot.’ This special picture book cleverly combines words and visuals for a delightful dose of wordplay and fabulous fun with grammar. Punctuation Mark fills a gap in the market by crossing the boundary between fiction and fact; the content is educational in a cheeky, playful way.

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My Mummy is Magic


From the writer of Daddy is my Hero comes the new release, My Mummy is Magic. It weaves a tale of all the amazing things mummy can do.

“I think my mummy’s MAGIC – I notice every day . . .
That whenever MAGIC happens, Mummy’s never far away!”

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Teddy One-Eye


Teddy One-eye has a rough and tumble life. He is dragged around, chewed on, loses an eye and is often left outside at night. But his many patches show how much he is loved. Teddy One-Eye’s special powers lead him to some curious situations and exciting adventures . . .

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I Am Not A Worm!


What happens when a chameleon encounters a small wiggly creature and they engage in a conversation? In I Am Not A Worm! You will find out exactly what happens, and it’s hilarious!

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