Top baby names for 2013

baby names

Ever wondered how many other babies have the same name as your beautiful bundle? The Department of Internal Affairs has just released the list of the top baby names for 2013.



The top girls’ names

baby girl names

One of the most interesting things about the list of baby girl names this year is how little the top five has changed. All of the names that were in the top five last year are back – just in a different order. Here they are (last year’s place in brackets):

1. Charlotte (4)

2. Emily (3)

3. Ruby (5)

4. Sophie (2)

5. Olivia (1)

The next five names were also pretty similar to last year…

6. Isla (12)

7. Amelia (8)

8. Ava (10)

9. Isabella (6)

10. Ella (7)

The top boys’ names

baby boy names

There’s been more movement in the boys’ names this year but stalwart Jack is still at number 2 and last year’s number 2 has jumped into first place. It’s interesting to see James up from 11 and Thomas bolting up from 25th last year.

1. Oliver (2)

2. Jack (1)

3. James (11)

4. William (3)

5. Mason (5)

6. Liam (4)

7. Samuel (6)

8. Lucas (8)

9. Noah (10)

10. Thomas (25)

So what do you think? Is your bubba’s name in there? Did you consider the popularity of the name before you named your baby? Let us know your thoughts on popular baby names!

You can read the more about the top baby names for 2013 on the Department of Internal Affairs website.


Rochelle Gribble

Rochelle is mum to three gorgeous daughters. She wishes she had more time to garden and read the newspaper in peace!

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