Getting creative with your financial planning

financial planning

New Year is usually a mix of celebrations, well wishes and New Year’s resolutions.  New Year’s resolutions are typically something like: “I want to lose weight”,” I want to drink less “or perhaps “I want to stop smoking”.  But what if we got really creative and resolved to get our financial planning in order instead?  There’s a challenge don’t you think?

Let me explain.  Let’s assume you have a Will, you have a family trust, you own your own home, you have life insurance and you are invested into a KiwiSaver Fund.  Where do you keep all of these pertinent documents?  And, are they all together?  If something unexpected did happen to you, would your loved ones know where to find these important documents?

For example, how would you go about contacting an insurance company to make a claim on a life insurance policy when you don’t know who the insurance provider is or where the policy documents are kept let alone knowing what the policy number is?

So, this is where I propose we get our affairs in order by pulling together a checklist that you can provide to the appropriate person/people who will handle your affairs upon your death.  Note, everyone’s circumstances are different, but below is an example of a checklist that you could use to get yourself organised.

financial planning

Click on the checklist to download it for future use.

financial planning

You may think of other things you can add to the checklist.  Once you have pulled these things together, that’s one New Year’s resolution you can definitely tick off the list!

Vinessa Orsbourn

Vinessa is passionate about assisting clients to achieve their financial goals. This passion, combined with specialist financial qualifications, and years of work and life experience makes her eminently qualified for advising families and individuals on the most appropriate way to protect assets and build wealth. Vinessa is married to Graham and together they have two boys and one daughter, Marc, Liam and Olivia.

Disclosure and Disclaimer:
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