Salmon Rice Paper Rolls for Mother’s Day lunch

Salmon Rice Paper Rolls

On Mother’s Day, I like to enjoy something fresh and flavoursome. At the super market today, I picked up a Salmon Steak, smoked – ready for use! I immediately thought of salmon rice paper rolls.

So tasty and easy to prepare. Rice paper is available in most supermarkets these days and makes a nice change from sushi. It can be a bit delicate to handle and the trick is to not let it sit in water for too long before you wrap your filling.

You can also substitute chicken in this recipe if you’re not into salmon – or leave out the meat altogether for a vegetarian option. This recipe is gluten and dairy free. Hope you enjoy it!

Salmon Rice Paper Rolls


8 sheets Rice Paper Rolls

1 piece Smoked Salmon – usually in the seafood area in the super market.

1 small cucumber, julienned

1 Red Capsicum julienned

1 small carrot, julienned

100g Bean Sprouts

8 Lettuce leaves, cut lengthwise

1/2 bunch mint leaves

Dipping Sauce

2T Sweet Chilli Sauce

2tsp rice wine vinegar

2tsp fish sauce


Fill a bowl with warm water. Place a sheet of rice paper and soak for about 30 seconds. Remove and place on a damp tea towel.

Place the lettuce, salmon, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, bean sprouts & mint on the bottom edge of the rice paper, leaving enough paper to completely cover the ingredients.

Fold part of the rice paper over the filling and roll it up firmly, sealing both ends. Place on serving dish and serve with dipping sauce.

To accompany this lunch I would recommend the Edgebrook Cider from Hawkes Bay!

Cassandra Heke

Cassandra and her partner Rick live in the sunny Hawkes Bay, with their two beautiful girls. She has a passion for good food and has worked with many top chefs in a range of food roles. Cassandra loves creating great food for her family and friends and also loves to share this love with others.

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