Don’t waste away summer days, spend summer with YMCA


With school holidays just around the corner (again?!) kids are now looking to take off their shoes and socks, shake off the school year and go wild with time dedicated to just being a kid.

Spirits are high, and their excitement may be bubbling at the seams with ideas of what to do with their spare time. Don’t panic just yet; it’s pretty standard to be thinking before the holidays, “whatever will they be doing?”

YMCA Auckland holiday programmes have been answering that question for Kiwi families for over 100 years. Their instructors have been providing the fun and stimulation children crave in the holiday break, with a safety net provided of certified, trained and qualified, staff and volunteers.

YMCA Auckland continues to cater for each child’s unique tastes and individualistic expectations, the organisation has learned and adapted many programmes that indulge people of all abilities, cultures and backgrounds.

Building up to the excitement of the school holidays, YMCA Auckland shares its top 8 reasons why their school holiday programme can make you and your child’s summer easier, stimulating and more enjoyable.


8 reasons to spend your summer with YMCA

1.     Programmes for everyone – a range of programmes to choose from including trips/excursions, in-house sports, create and design, and camps.

2.    Location, Location, Location: YMCA Auckland hosts 11 locations all around Auckland and seven around Hamilton.

3.    YMCA Leaders are trained in Child Protection, Behaviour Management, Health & Safety and First Aid. Many of our staff are training in the fields of teaching and/or sport and recreation.

4.    Staff are enthusiastic and motivated to ensure your child gets the best out of the programme – whether it be a fun day out or learning a new skill.

5.    Entertainment and activity orientated – past activities have included: indoor trampoline parks, movies, skateboarding, theme parks, etc.

6.    Affordable for everyone: All YMCA Holiday Programmes are OSCAR approved. This means parents who qualify, can access the OSCAR subsidy from Work and Income NZ. In some cases, Work and Income will pay up to $5 per hour for holiday care. On a $35 day from 9am-3pm, it means parents could pay as little as $5!

7.    Programme is ratio driven – We operate at 1 staff member per 10 children on site; 1:8 offsite and 1:4 for any pool based activities. The 1:8 ratio off-site may be lowered depending on the activity.

8.    Time Efficient: Main programmes run 9am-3pm. Before and After Care are available for parents who require care before or after the programme – contact your local centre as to what time these run (times are designed around the needs of the community).

For more information and to find a holiday programme in your local area click here.


Karla McCaughan

Karla McCaughan, Swim School Quality Services Manager for YMCA Auckland teaches swimming and water safety to people of all ages and abilities across all of the YMCA Auckland aquatic centres.

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