Learn how to draw a cartoon puppy in 6 easy steps!

How to draw a cartoon puppy in 6 easy steps

Drawing is a learnt skill. Sure, some kids have natural ability when it comes to drawing. But all children can learn to draw if they’re shown the correct techniques. Here you’ll learn how to draw a cartoon puppy in 6 easy steps!

The cool thing about this drawing tutorial is, once you’ve nailed drawing a cartoon puppy, you can use the same technique to draw a cartoon cat, or a cartoon rabbit, or even a cartoon bear.

Once you’ve learnt the basic shapes that create your animal, you’ll discover you can use them to draw all sorts of pictures.

It’s then just a case of adding more and more details to your animal pictures. The cartoon puppy, for instance, can have a collar, spots or stripes, scruffs of hair and claws. You’ll then find you can add more character and depth to your picture by colouring it in, and adding a little shading as you go.

But, let’s not get too carried away just yet!

Your child still needs to learn the basics, and this will take some time, and a lot of practice. So make sure that you have lots of paper, pencils and an eraser handy.

Kiwi Families and Matt, the amazing illustrator from Tree House Drawing have teamed up to bring you this fun and easy cartoon puppy drawing lesson.

You can follow along with the steps in the tutorial below. Or, you can print off the tutorial as a PDF and learn how to draw a cartoon puppy at your own pace. Plus, you get a bonus colouring in page with the printable. How cool is that?

One great idea for using the printable is to take the tutorial with you on your next family road trip. Let your children practice drawing while in the car. This is a great quiet activity for them do, and a great way to wile away the long hours on the road.

Another cool idea, is to help your child write their own story about some of the animals in the tutorial. You can then type up their story and print it off, and then they can illustrate their own story. It will be a real keepsake for them.

Learn how to draw a cartoon puppy in 6 easy steps

1. To start off drawing our puppy, we’re going to draw a basic shape for the head!

2. Add on your pups eyes, ears, nose and month.


3. Next we draw on a small ‘jelly bean’ shape for the body and lines to connect the neck.

4. Now for some simple legs. These can just be drawn as sausages, or you can add a bit more shape in the back legs. Don’t forget to draw a happy, wagging tail!


5. Your drawing could be finished at step 4, but go ahead and add some more details and personality to our puppy if you want! You could do this by adding a collar, spots or stripes, or maybe some scruffs of fur around the edges.

6. To finish the drawing, add some colour! A little colour can go a long way, and colour pencils work great for adding a finishing touch to your picture.


You can print off the Learn how to draw a cartoon puppy tutorial printable from here.

If we’ve inspired your child to learn to draw, you might like to check out Matt’s Treehouse Drawing Workshops here.

You can also find out why Drawing is important to your child’s development here.

Matt Haworth

Matt Haworth is a children's book illustrator and drawing teacher based in Auckland. Matt has taught 1000s of students through his href="http://treehousedrawing.com/"<Tree House Drawing Workshops, and hopes to foster a life long love of drawing and creativity in every student.

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