Writers: Cassandra Heke

Cassandra Heke

Cassandra and her partner Rick live in the sunny Hawkes Bay, with their two beautiful girls. She has a passion for good food and has worked with many top chefs in a range of food roles. Cassandra loves creating great food for her family and friends and also loves to share this love with others.

Apple and Persimmon Crumble

Apple and Persimmon Crumble

A beautiful dessert on a cold winter’s night Apple and Persimmon Crumble and lashings of whipped cream is one of those pleasures I look forward to in winter. It’s a time when we all come together after a days activities and share the days tales with one another. Winter is the perfect time to make crumbles because you get to use fruit in season (we have a Persimmon tree in our garden).¬† Continue reading »

Quinoa rainbow salad

Quinoa rainbow salad

Juggling family duties when a new born comes along, can have its challenges. Time to prepare a well balanced meal full of the right nutrition and meeting every individual’s requirements is one of the challenges on the top of my list. Continue reading »

Bacon, Egg and Spinach Pie

Bacon, Egg and Spinach pie

After a cold day of being outdoors, I love nothing more than to enjoy a hearty pie. My Bacon, Egg and Spinach Pie ticks all the boxes for our family. A little bit naughty with the pastry topping, but nothing too over the top as it is packed with protein. Continue reading »

Salmon Rice Paper Rolls for Mother’s Day lunch

Salmon Rice Paper Rolls

On Mother’s Day, I like to enjoy something fresh and flavoursome. At the super market today, I picked up a Salmon Steak, smoked – ready for use! I immediately thought of salmon rice paper rolls. Continue reading »

Cream of broccoli soup

Cream of broccoli soup

Today was a cold day in Hawkes Bay and thus I felt it called for a cream of broccoli soup… slow cooker style! After a fun filled day with my beautiful girls, what better way to nourish our bodies at the end of the day in preparation for a solid night’s sleep. And the smell of the vegetables with the herbs wafting through the house are what memories are made of!¬†


1 onion, peeled and chopped roughly

2 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped

Handful of herbs from the garden, chopped (I used lemon thyme)

1 large head broccoli, chopped roughly

2 potatoes washed, chopped

2 cups vegetable stock

4 cups boiling water

Place all ingredients in the slow cooker and place on high until potatoes are cooked, yet firm. (This was about 4 hours in my George Foreman).

Purée in blender. (Or you can use a hand blender).

This recipe serves 4 adults with a side of crusty bread! Delicious! 

Christmas Day recipes


With Christmas just around the corner, now’s the time to start collecting your Christmas Day recipes, and planning your Christmas Day meal. Continue reading »

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