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Fiona Boyle

Fiona Boyle is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. She runs a private practice and gives nutrition advice to individuals and families to help meet their health needs and personal goals.

6 Tips for Healthy, Successful Family Dinners

6 Tips for Healthy, Successful Family Dinners

Tips for healthy and successful dinners provides great advice on healthy food planning and successful¬†dinner ideas for families. Continue reading »

Food allergy symptoms and diagnosis

Food allergies - peanuts

This article on food allergy symptoms and diagnosis gives great advice and information on allergies and nutrition for families in New Zealand. Continue reading »

Family Desserts

Bowl of Fruit Topped with Ice Cream

Desserts are always the children’s favourite part of the meal – but family desserts do not need to be unhealthy. Read on for great ideas. Continue reading »

Eating out


In our Kiwi Families article Eating Out there is some great advice on eating out happily as a family and keeping it healthy too! Continue reading »

Drinking fluids


Ensuring your child is drinking adequate fluids is very important. So is choosing the right type of fluid! Here is some great information for NZ families on drinking fluids. Continue reading »

Childhood constipation


Childhood constipation is a common complaint in¬†pediatrics in the Western world. Find out more about preventing constipation. Continue reading »

Healthy lunches


Healthy lunches are vital to a child’s well being and growth. For tips on healthy lunches, read on. Continue reading »

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day

Breakfast most important meal of the day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the meal most often skipped. This article explains the importance of breakfast for children and offers information on healthy breakfasts. Continue reading »

Preparing Healthy School Lunches

bento lunch box purple

Preparing healthy school lunches requires thought and planning.¬† Find some tips and information about nutritional needs in our School Lunches article. Continue reading »

Heartburn in pregnancy

Woman Holding Cup of Water and Lemon

Increased hormone levels of progesterone in pregnancy relax all the smooth muscles in your body. Between your stomach and your food pipe to your throat (oesophagus) you have a sphincter which is made of smooth muscle.

As this relaxes in pregnancy it is common to get heartburn – the acid in your stomach rides back up your food pipe, causing an unpleasant burning sensation. This is made worse by the pressure of your baby on your stomach at the end of pregnancy.

Continue reading »

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