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Rachel Binning

Rachel Binning is a full-time jack-of-all-trades who has an extensive background within the health sector. She now wholeheartedly agrees with ex US President, Bill Clinton that “the toughest job in the world isn’t being a president. It’s being a parent”. Rachel juggles being a mum of two active boys with her business, Bella Photography, volunteer work for many and varied organisations that support families, and contributes weekly to community newspapers throughout Wellington.

Recipe for a healthy family

Recipe for a healthy family

“I am no supermum”. I tell myself this each day as I try to attain a happy healthy balanced life for my family and for myself.  I remind myself that I face an age where there are pressures on my family, reportedly greater than for previous generations, to be perfect not to mention healthy and happy. I frequently find myself asking what I can do to achieve a healthy balance and attain greater happiness for my family. Well, here’s my recipe for a healthy family.  Continue reading »

Get rid of the rules and get creative with your kids!

teacher with toddlers preschoolers

A friend reminded me the other day that: “A happy mum means a happy family”. I can hear you say “What has that got to do with creativity?” My response: “A lot”. So often parents forget themselves in the flurry of changing nappies, feeds, lack of sleep, caring for the household, remembering the significant other, remembering to eat and being on time for appointments. Parents forget who they are and who they were before children (BC). Continue reading »

Making time for fun with your family

Fun Families

Reflecting on what makes a family fun after your precious son has created a blood bath attempting to knock out his front teeth can be chalked down as one of life’s little challenges.  Luckily, I am, at the time, trawling through the many images I have captured of the wonderful times we have had as a family, which wipes out feeling that life is, especially at that particular moment, overwhelming, time-pressured and not always fun.  Continue reading »

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