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Rochelle Gribble

Rochelle is mum to three gorgeous daughters. She wishes she had more time to garden and read the newspaper in peace!

Living with allergies: Amelia’s story

Living with allergies- Amelia's story

It’s Allergy Awareness Week¬†soon¬†and we talk to a family where allergies are part of everyday life. Kiwi mum, Amanda, talks about¬†living¬†with allergies¬†for 6 year old Amelia.¬† Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: Becky Cashman

Great Kiwi Families Becky Cashman

We’re really excited about this new series of posts where we’ll talk to some inspiring mums and dads about their great kiwi families! This week’s mama is Becky Cashman. She’s a originally from the big ol’ US of A but now calls Kerikeri home. She’s crazy for the outdoors; her family; totally believes in sustainable living; and is the creator of Goodbye Ouch, Goodbye Sandfly,¬†and Goodbye Nits (eep – two of my very least favourite bugs!). Here’s a bit more about Becky.¬† Continue reading »

Sustainable birthday parties

sustainable birthday parties

Hooo weee! Can’t kids’ birthday parties be just a little bit crazy?? The food; the gifts; the decorations… it can all just get a bit out of hand. Doesn’t Pinterest have a lot to answer for?!? And sustainable? Hmmm… not so much! But look: it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of thought, you have sustainable birthday parties that everyone will love. Here are some ideas that might help inspire you!

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Top baby names for 2013

baby names

Ever wondered how many other babies have the same name as your beautiful bundle? The Department of Internal Affairs has just released the list of the top baby names for 2013.



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Celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids

Celebrating New Year's Eve with kids

Another year is almost over… Christmas has been and we’ve all breathed a sigh of relief. And then there’s New Year!¬† I’ve never been a particularly boisterous celebrator of the end of the year and having kids certainly hasn’t helped. So whether you’re used to kicking up your heels or just keen to chill and mark the passing of another year, we’ve got some ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids. We’d also love to hear your ideas so do leave some comments at the bottom of this post.

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At what age can I leave my child home alone?

At what age can I leave my child alone?

We get a lot of questions about the legal age at which children can do different things and make choices about their lives. Check out our¬†legal age guidelines¬†page for the whole list.¬†One of the most common questions we get is, ‘what age can I leave my child home alone?’ It’s a good question, with a not entirely straightforward answer! Here’s what you need to know…
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Apps for Christmas


With Christmas fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to have a look at some apps for Christmas. We’ve got some for the kids and some for the grown ups here… check them out! Continue reading »

Changing laws about supplying alcohol to under 18s

supplying alcohol to under 18s

Since 1999, young people in New Zealand have been able to buy alcohol from the age of 18. And as we all know, loads of under 18s get hold of alcohol as well. Many parents have given the odd drink to young people under 18 – their own children, as well as their friends. But from the 18th of December 2013, the law about supplying alcohol to under 18s is changing and it’s important that both adults and young people understand this.¬† Continue reading »

Stocking stuffers for preschoolers

Christmas stocking stuffers for preschoolers

I don’t know about you I find Christmas tricky for my preschoolers. We have three children so there are already loads of toys around and I don’t just want to buy them junk… here are some ideas for stocking stuffers for preschoolers that might inspire you without breaking the bank! These ideas are best for the 3+ crowd and would also work for many school-aged children.

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Keeping your children ‘roast’ proof

Keeping your children 'roast' proof

Like you, I’m sure, I’ve been horrified at the emerging story about the ‘roast busters‘ here in New Zealand. It seems like every day, there’s a more horrifying dimension to the story – from the attitude of the offenders to the inaction of the police. I’m mum to three girls and the thought of them being exposed to this kind of experience is almost too awful to contemplate. Right now, I’ve been thinking about ways that I can help my daughters stay safe out there.¬† Continue reading »

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