Writers: Sarah Aiono

Sarah Aiono

Sarah Aiono is mum of three cheeky kids with an age span of 11 years. She holds a B.Ed (Dip Tchg), PGd.Dip.Ed (Dist) and a Master of Education. She is an Accredited Incredible Years Facilitator and Peer Coach. Sarah currently works as a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour, working alongside teachers to support their understanding of child behaviour and how to manage it appropriately in the classroom. You can read more about Sarah on her blog.

Child’s Play

Child's Play

 “There is little that gives children greater pleasure than when a grown-up lets himself down to their level, renounces his oppressive superiority and plays with them as an equal”

(Sigmund Freud) Continue reading »

How playing with your children will help them at school


Most teachers, when asked what parents can do to support their children at school, would suggest parents spend more time with their children, encouraging active learning. They’d ask for televisions, Playstations, iPads and other devices to be turned off, and for children to get outside to play, go biking, do sports, or other such activities with their family. Find out how playing with your children will help them at school. Continue reading »

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