Writers: Silvia


Silvia is an ECE professional, Qualified science educator, global consultant, mother of 3 and founder of diverse international experiential learning projects for children and adults. The Little Kiwi Scientists is her newest project and encourages New Zealanders to embrace science learning and 100% human potential. Her daughter (11) started mindsurprise.com

5 Holiday science challenges


The holidays are on and so is the mess in our lounge. I have got a great way to keep the kids busy and inspired and the mess, hopefully, limited. Continue reading »

The scientist in all of us – 4 easy experiments

Scientist in all of us

All human beings are born as natural scientists with the desire to make sense of their immediate environment. Research shows that young children learn and think in a similar way to professional scientists. Preschoolers continuously test their hypotheses and learn from their very own experimentation. Kids are naturally born with the skill to adjust their learning continuously as they strive to turn around, crawl, sit or figure out how to walk. Continue reading »

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