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10 Tips for Preventing the Lunchbox Boomerang

Tips for Preventing the Lunchbox Boomerang

Not eating lunch at school is a common problem for a lot of children. It can be quite emotional for parents too, especially when you see good food being wasted, and wonder if your child is getting enough daily nutrition. Here’s some simple and practical ideas to help increase the chance lunch gets eaten, and prevent full lunchboxes from becoming boomerangs.  Continue reading »

Sharing and caring food for summer!

Pink summer clouds

For a lot of people, the Christmas holidays actually aren’t much fun. There are lots of reasons why, but many of them relate to stress. Continue reading »

Love to learn: Mucking about in the kitchen and garden

Mucking about in the kitchen and garden

Learning comes pretty naturally to small children. Which is just as well: if learning things in infancy was treated the way learning in later life often is, they’d be so afraid of getting it wrong that most of them would never try crawling, let alone walking, or trying to talk. Continue reading »

7 simple and healthy lunch box snacks for kids

Make your own fruit leather recipe

Why is it after a few weeks into the school term the kid’s lunch boxes seem to end up the same every day? If you’re looking to add some variety into your kid’s lunch box, then you’ll appreciate some new, fresh ideas. Here’s 7 simple and healthy lunch box snacks for kids. These should help add some interest to your kid’s lunchbox, and keep the snacking fun! Continue reading »

Cooking your way to life skills

cooking with kids

Being a parent is a mixture of elation, exhaustion, delight and fear, sometimes all at the same time! Continue reading »

3 breakfast ideas for the ultimate Father’s Day lie-in


There’s only one thing I ever ask for on Father’s Day. It’s the same thing every year. Breakfast in bed, with a coffee and a newspaper. Ahhh, the ultimate Father’s Day lie-in. Continue reading »

Gilly’s Pantry low sugar Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade

Grapefruit Marmalade sealed

I have a dream.

And it really is that – a dream.

Because this will never be a reality.

I would love to give up sugar.

But ALL THE SWEET THINGS. Continue reading »

Salmon Rice Paper Rolls for Mother’s Day lunch

Salmon Rice Paper Rolls

On Mother’s Day, I like to enjoy something fresh and flavoursome. At the super market today, I picked up a Salmon Steak, smoked – ready for use! I immediately thought of salmon rice paper rolls. Continue reading »

Get kids going with green smoothies for goodness!


It’s a well known principle that including 5+ vegetable and fruit servings a day is a great foundation for your daily eating habits.  5 would be an absolute minimum, and we should really be aiming for double or more that number!

Getting that many servings is something I struggle with at times, and certainly I struggle to get my preschooler to eat that volume of fresh fruit and vegetables.  There are tricks though, and green smoothies are an excellent trick to consuming greater quantities of the foods that are great for our bodies with minimal hassle. Continue reading »

Egg Free Easy Butter Biscuits: creativity in the kitchen

Egg Free Butter Biscuits

Permanently bored people are a bit terrifying. Not, as many may fear, because they might cause trouble of some sort. But because someone, somewhere along the line, has convinced them they need to be constantly amused, preferably by external forces, and can’t do things for themselves! Perhaps this Egg Free Butter Biscuit recipe will help spark some creativity with your kids. Continue reading »

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