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Tantalising ideas for leftover turkey

Tantalising Ideas for Leftover Turkey

Christmas and Thanksgiving just aren’t the same for most families, unless it involves a great big roast turkey, with all the trimmings. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. But what to do with all those turkey leftovers…
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Family games night – fun during meals


Combining games night with a family meal is one way to have a lot of fun.  You can get dressed up, divide family members into who is responsible for each course, and plan an activity or two inbetween.

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Being prepared food-wise for sudden change in the family: freezer meals


Sometimes we know when sudden changes will occur in our family – for example, you’re pregnant and your due date is past – your change is not far away!  Sometimes those changes are somewhat expected but still strike us with an element of surprise – we know a family member will pass away soon, but we’re not a hundred percent sure how long they will hang in there for first.  And sometimes that change happens overnight, and we’re thrust into a different circumstance without any warning, like in the instance of a natural disaster.  Assuming your freezer doesn’t get washed away in a torrential flood, I want to share with you how easy it can be to prepare meals for your freezer so that a change in your family doesn’t mean you have to suddenly blow the budget or eat takeaways for a week or more.

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5 Brunch ideas to bring the family together

Brunch and Supper ideas to bring the family together

I keep hearing how it’s difficult to get everyone from a family in one spot at mealtime.  But we all know it’s important to connect together as a family and chat – and it’s sometimes easier to do this over a meal than spur of the moment. Continue reading »

Meal Planning for Hungry Households

Meal Planning for Hungry Households

I thought I would share how I manage our meals in our house. It’s not really that special or unique but I find it creates much less stress for shopping and cooking, and having a system almost guarantees lots of savings. Here’s my meal planning for hungry households.

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Creative family picnics


One of my favourite memories of getting to know my now-husband’s family is the way they would have frequent picnics.  They had a host of spots that they would frequently go to – one with a swimming hole for hot days, another with beach views and another that was sheltered for cooler weather.  It has made me want to keep this tradition going with our family. Continue reading »

The pleasures and benefits of ‘real’ tea


Who doesn’t love a decent cup of tea?  Tea purists would likely say loose-leaf is the best variety for flavour.  I couldn’t claim to be a tea purist myself, but I do drink a few cups of flavoured green tea and fruit teas a day. I was pretty happy to receive some stunning new teas on the market for me to try out.  Keep reading for your own opportunity to try the tea out too. Continue reading »

Great Family Food Traditions


Food is something that can really bring the family together. Mealtimes are important to reconnect, share and enjoy each other. They are also great opportunities to get to know other people in your community, wider family, church or other social gathering a bit better. To make mealtimes something to look forward to, you could try implementing a family tradition or regular food event in your family – something unique that is marked on the calendar and forms part of your ‘family make up’. Lots of great family traditions revolve around food. Some ideas include: Continue reading »

5 Easy Edible Christmas Gift Jars


Well it’s a scary thought but Christmas is almost here. Are you ready? I’m not sure I am! Every year I tell myself that next year I’m going to be more organised with my present buying! But I’m making it easier on myself this year with these super-easy edible Christmas gift jars. Continue reading »

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