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Benefits of recreational gymnastics

Benefits of recreational gymnastics

It’s common knowledge that as a baby grows, they become more interested in their surroundings and slightly more adventurous too. As parents it can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking watching your little ones attempt to do more, play more and risk more, especially because they are growing at such a fast rate. Continue reading »

Join the painted rocks craze

painted rocks

We love heading away on summer holidays, and this year we’ve been blessed with my Husbands’ parents buying a classic 1950’s batch in Opunaki. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a small coastal town in the Taranaki region. Continue reading »

Handy tips for cycling with the family this summer


A common question parents ask cycling instructors is “how will my child become more confident on a bike?” Kiwi cycling instructor Marilyn Northcotte passes on her tips for parents to help them keep their kids cycling safely and confidently. Continue reading »

Keeping fit in menopause

keeping fit in menopause

During menopause there are lots of changes that happen within the body. Many body systems are affected as one hormonal surge create deficiencies in another. The body constantly adapts to maintain hormonal balance. Keeping fit in menopause can be a challenging task!  Continue reading »

Trying something different


Over the last few months I have been fortunate to try out some new exercise equipment all with different fitness benefits. Continue reading »

Is this exercise right for me right now?

Is walking safe during pregnancy

I’ve just returned from a three-day fitness conference in Auckland. It’s always good to find out new information and have your own thoughts challenged. One particular speaker struck a chord with me when she said, “at different times of our lives we need to exercise differently.” Continue reading »

Exercises to manage light bladder leakage

light bladder leakage

When you’re juggling a busy life, the last thing you want to do is get slowed down by having to deal with light bladder leakage. Continue reading »

Exercises for new mothers

exercises for new mothers

Congratulations on becoming a mother, how exciting! It is a brand new chapter that is exciting and full of changes. It is also a time when we feel we need to take a back seat and focus on the baby. But mums are important too, and we need to take some time to care for ourselves. Let’s look at some exercises for new mothers.  Continue reading »

Exercise during pregnancy

exercise in pregnancy

Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy. What an exciting time lies ahead. There are many wonderful exercise opportunities for you to explore while you are pregnant. Continue reading »

Entering running events with your children

Running events with your kids

Mothers and daughters who run together – have fun together… Well … mostly 🙂 Continue reading »

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