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How I’m catching up with technology

man confused by computer

I learned the word “Luddite” a few years back when someone remarked that I’m likely one, because I had this suspicious disdain for buzz-whirring gadgets and technology. Could be I’m a grumpy old curmudgeon before my time, but one thing is for sure: when it comes to modern digital machines, I’ve been left behind. I went to the bank today. Continue reading »

Being a dad / being a son

Being a dad

There’s no telling some people how much parenthood will change you. My little boy is four years old now, and in this time with him – we spend most of our time together mind you – I’ve learned all that everyone tried to tell me about being a father was spot on. At the same time, I’ve learned what it means to be a son. Continue reading »

The trouble with vegetables

eating vegetables

Somewhere along the line, recently, my son started liking carrots again. After what seems a couple years of unhealthy eating, he’s returned to form and can’t get enough of the good stuff. Continue reading »

The storyteller dad

The storyteller dad

A writer’s son is doomed to tell stories. In the the mornings it’s his dreams and at night it’s his days. He falls asleep to tales of seafaring adventures as captain of his own ship, sailing around the world, collecting kittens and treasure along the way. Kittens might not be the most apt characters for a globe-circling sailing ship, but he’s just turned four and he’s not yet taking notes on drafts. Continue reading »

Accidentally sustainable


Sustainable family living means different things to different families. What I’ve discovered is that our family lives fairly sustainably, but it’s certainly not be design. I like to think of our family as being ‘accidentally sustainable’. Continue reading »

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your oranges


I have never purchased a Christmas tree – well, not a chopped down pine one, as such. At the same time, we never miss a Christmas morning with gifts under some sort of trunked and leaved vegetation. To our family, the tree is a gift in itself. Continue reading »

Sleep advice from a Dad


When I announced we were expecting, nearly everyone warned me to, ‘get used to never sleeping again!’ My response to this sleep advice was, ‘I sleep poorly as it is. I think I’ll be OK.’ While it is true that I’ve never been a particularly skilled sleeper, this is not what everyone meant. They meant exhaustion beyond childless comprehension. Far beyond.  Continue reading »

Yes days!

Father and Son

In my life-before-kids, fun and spontaneity were one in the same. When we lived in California, near Disneyland, our idea of a good time was to drop everything, visit the Magic Kingdom, and stick around until they kicked us out. Sometimes we would decide, out of the blue, to ride our bicycles a hundred miles to the beach and back for lunch at the Huntington Beach Pier. We had the time and the stamina, so why not, we figured. On our fifth wedding anniversary, we loaded up the truck with the bicycles and our dog, headed south for lunch at our favorite brew pub in Escondido, and ended up splashing out on a posh hotel in downtown San Diego – no reservations, no particular place to go. Just unplanned, unpredictable, unstructured fun. Whatever we wanted to do, we told ourselves “yes.” Continue reading »

It takes a dad

Father's Day, it takes a dad

This year will be my fourth Father’s Day as a dad and my fortieth as a son. My son, affectionately named “Noodle” in my public writings, is only three. But I call this my fourth because, as I see it, the minute we found out there was a beating heart and bunch of organs gestating inside his mother, the inevitable future shaped my present into fatherhood. I started taking care of him by taking care of her, and I’ve kept at it since I quit my regular job and became a stay at home dad two months after he was born. Continue reading »

Camping with kids

camping kids

If Huck Finn could float down the Mississippi on a couple of logs lashed together to resemble a raft, then I reckon two adults and a preschooler can manage a holiday tent camping in the Coromandel. Continue reading »

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