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Travelling with Grandparents

Travelling with Grandparents - Zambia

When I was a child my parents instilled a love of exploring the world. I never dreamed one day my children would be travelling with their grandparents and experiencing the same love of exploration. Continue reading »

5 parental lessons I MUST pass on to my daughter


They did… I did … I hope she does…

We consciously and subconsciously carry through our lives pre-conceived ideas, learnt behaviour and negative influences from our upbringing. It’s up to each of us to choose what we carry forward in our lives and what parental lessons we will pass on to our own children. Continue reading »

Happiness cannot be measured by one simple, single moment

Happiness cannot be measured by one simple, single moment. It comes in many forms. A look, smile, smell, feeling, thought, word or just simply, life.

Happiness cannot be measured by one simple, single moment. It comes in many forms. A look, smile, smell, feeling, thought, word or just simply, life. Continue reading »

New beginnings: The cupboard of dreams

new beginnings

The cupboard of dreams.

High on the top shelf in the linen cupboard are new beginnings for the three children and the two grandchildren we raised – school books to be precise. Started some 40 years ago. Continue reading »

Different ways of learning in life

Learning in life

Having recently celebrated (or not) my 66th birthday, I have had time to reflect on my journey. On many stages of this journey I frequently thought I knew it all, only to be proved over and over again there is so much more to learn and I am very sure more to come yet. And it is OK to change your mind. I guess we keep on learning until we die, even the passage to our death has many learning curves also of a different thoughts or experiences. So from our first breath until our last, our journey begins, constantly learning, constantly changing. Continue reading »

Changing dreams

changing dreams

After 30 years of marriage raising three of our own children and taking in two foster children with all its ups and downs, our nest was finally empty.

Continue reading »

The value of grandparents

The value of grandparents

As a young mother way back in 1969 I simply could not have done without my mum to help me in so many ways. From a baby that would not settle or to teaching me to survive on a budget, she was there. Continue reading »

Challenges for grandparents raising grandchildren

grandparents raising gradnchildren

Grandparents or kin who find themselves in a position of having to raise children at a later stage in life face many challenges: Continue reading »

Growing a family I had never met

growing families

The Napier Grandparents raising Grandchildren group invited me to attend the Christmas lunch with members of this support group. A flight from Auckland down to Napier was upon one of those little planes, I felt quite chuffed as my allocated seat was 1c and no one was sitting next to me. Continue reading »

Top tips for grandparents raising grandchildren

grandparents raising grandchildren

Often grandparents find themselves unexpectedly placed in a position where they are needed to raise their grandchildren. This is a life changing situation for all involved and can leave one floundering as to where to start, stress and family dynamics add to this mix. Uncertainty, where to begin, not to mention the legal requirements, schooling and the necessities of life. Continue reading »

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