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Crepe Paper decorations: Christmases past

christmas decorations

As a child growing up we just simply could not wait for the day when we got home from school to find our Mother had put up the hand-made decorations in the kitchen. Bright colourful ribbons of crepe paper danced across the kitchen ceiling. Continue reading »

The dance of the swallows

Dance of the swallows

They were first noticed swooping in and out of the garage. Checking it out to see if this would be a safe home. Very quickly Grand-daughter aged 8, who has eyes of a hawk, (unlike granny, whose eye sight is diminishing) saw the beginnings of a nest been built, high up on a waste pipe which ran along the roof of the garage. She watched with fascination as the nest grew bigger and bigger. The two swallows busied themselves with this task. She noticed soon that feathers were to be found in the garage which the birds would gather and carry up to their nest. Continue reading »

Gardening with grandparents

Getting gardening

Healthy families can mean many things, physical health, mental/emotional health or spiritual health, all equally important to the over-all wellbeing of the human species.

Continue reading »

The imagination of a child!

The imagination of a child

My young grand-daughter had to make up a story using as much creative ability as possible. She hummed and bounced many ideas of us, and finally presented this: Continue reading »

Modernising Gran!

Modernising Gran

In the interests of my sustainability in keeping up with modern trends whilst raising teen grandchildren, I agreed to let my 17 year old grand-daughter take me shopping for some new jeans, as she had decided that gran’s old track pants needed upgrading. Continue reading »

How to create a multi-family camping experience

how to create a multi-family camping experience

Coming from a family of five born from the 40s through to the 60s, we all raised our family within easy distance of each other. Now fast forward to 2018, and we’re scattered far and wide. And over this time our children have had little ones of their own. Continue reading »

Do the unexpected


It was the school holidays and the call came from the younger five (6-9yrs) grandchildren who do not live with us. ‘We’re bored can we come to your place tomorrow?’ Three girls and 2 boys so I decided to do the unexpected – throw a birthday party for no-one, with all the balloons, party eats, party poppers, hats, and even a cake complete with candles. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they came in, “Whose birthday is it?’ they asked, “Nobody’s!’ I replied.  Continue reading »

The challenge of staying fit while growing older


The following is an illustration as to how I came to realise that maintaining my fitness is important as I grow older, both in terms of wellbeing and in terms of being there for my grandchildren. Continue reading »

The love of a grandparent


When we age we cast off the care and responsibilities of raising our children – as they move on with their lives, so do we. Freedom comes, to do as we please, to stay in our pyjamas all day, should we desire. To travel, garden, join clubs and lead a carefree life, but something happens in the form of a beautiful baby who has the ability to twist us around its tiny finger. Yes, “I am a grandparent”

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