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In search of wellness


Like most families, we’re always in search of health and wellness for ourselves and our children. Sometimes it feels like we’re searching for the holy grail though; we’re sure it’s wondrous, but we don’t really know what we’re looking for. So just what is wellness? Continue reading »

Empowering our children


When I think about keeping my children safe the first thing that comes to mind is keeping them safe from other people. But how? I can’t wrap them up in cotton wool and keep them locked at home 24/7. Continue reading »

How can I keep my children safe… from me?


I was ready to be a mother at the age of four, it was 1978. Continue reading »

Why would you use a toddler milk?


Before having children I had no idea about the plethora of products that I would end up finding useful and toddler milk falls into that category. While toddler milk isn’t an essential food, it has many benefits, not all from a nutrition perspective, that make it a welcome addition to our increasingly busy lives. Continue reading »

Helping your kids get great posture

helping your kids get great posture

How does your family move together? Is family time also TV/couch time? Did you know that there is an epidemic in our society that is causing sickness and disease? And that this epidemic is caused by poor posture and a sedentry lifestyle? The research demonstrates that 90% of the population presents with postural distortions that will negatively affect their health. Think about your child’s growing spine and how their lifestyle may be effecting their health. Continue reading »

Recipe for a healthy family

Recipe for a healthy family

“I am no supermum”. I tell myself this each day as I try to attain a happy healthy balanced life for my family and for myself.  I remind myself that I face an age where there are pressures on my family, reportedly greater than for previous generations, to be perfect not to mention healthy and happy. I frequently find myself asking what I can do to achieve a healthy balance and attain greater happiness for my family. Well, here’s my recipe for a healthy family.  Continue reading »

Get gardening this spring!


To use the old adage “Spring has Sprung”…well almost….it still feels a tad wintery around here in the Hutt Valley, but the Tui are out and the Kowhai tree is throwing its yellow flowers all over my lawn! This month I thought I would talk about getting your children involved with family gardening. The beauty of having a garden is that ANYONE can have one. Even those of you who live in small (or large) inner city apartments. All you need is a decent sized container for what you want to grow and somewhere with some light (preferably sunshine).  Continue reading »

Growing great families

growing great families

The last few weeks I’ve been working and playing a lot with families who have young children. Often the parent’s ask me questions along the lines of, “how can I make my child listen?” Or, “what can I do to stop the tantrums?” They often make comments about their children such as “they’re just so naughty” or “I’m worried that they’ll grow up bad”. Continue reading »

Keeping your kids healthy at school


“Ding ding ding” School’s in. Sigh. Back to grind for many of us. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with loads of fun, laughter, food and whatever else that floats your boats. For some of us, this time of year is a blessing, having just had 6-8 weeks of entertaining kids day in and day out- school (in whatever form that takes) provides much needed rest for weary parental brains. Continue reading »

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