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Preparing your child for school


Once your child reaches school age there’s a few things they can be doing for themselves. Preparing your child for school early on will help the transition from home or preschool. The more they’re prepared for school, the easier the transition will be, and the less stress and anxiety your child will experience. Continue reading »

Tools to help your teen build their career


So your teen has made the big decision about what they want to do after school. Now they need to put a plan in action to make it happen. Continue reading »

Warming the path to successful learning


I want the best for my children and want them to be the best they can be.

I suspect most, if not all, parents want this for their children. Continue reading »

Five steps to happier homework


There are many opinions surrounding homework but whichever way you look at it, there are clear benefits for children who have developed a home study routine before they enter high school. Continue reading »

A fresh start: Advice for parents of Year 9 students


These early days of a new school years are really important for how our young people will learn to get the best out of their school year. Here is some advice for parents of Year 9 students who might be new to life at secondary school.  Continue reading »

Three organisation tips for a smooth year

organisation tips for a smooth year

Many of us will have set out resolutions and goals for big new changes for the New Year. However, for our family to run smoothly, and to keep stress to the minimum, sometimes what we need are not big mountainous goals but just a few, small consistent tweaks to our everyday routines – it is such organisation tips that can really make all the difference to having a stress free and happy family life (well as much as realistically possible). Here’s how getting it sorted will make all the difference to a smooth family year. Continue reading »

Parents Matter: Getting ready for the next year of learning

getting ready for the next year of learning


A lot happens in our New Zealand Summer school holidays. We have the long summer holiday itself, Christmas, New Year and then the build up to going back to school which may involve a new teacher, a new classroom and sometimes a complete change of school. Continue reading »

Reigniting passion for learning – A journey into home schooling

home schooling

One of the hardest decisions we ever had to make as a family was to withdraw our 8 year old daughter from school and embark on our adventure as home-schoolers. We are a family of passionate learners – eager to experience all that the world has to offer. Unfortunately, our daughter attending school on a daily basis was taking its toll on this passion to the point where we were literally seeing the spark go out in our daughters’ eyes. Continue reading »

Helping Your Teen Through the Tough Times

Proactive parenting

When our teens are going through a rough time it really is hard to think about anything else. Sometimes nothing is actually said but their misery or silence tells you they are suffering. Continue reading »

There’s more to learning than assessments


At the end of last year I was eating lunch when my mobile rang. The voice on the other end explained very matter of factly that I had won The Breeze radio station’s competition and had 2 free return tickets to anywhere in Europe. I squealed and hyperventilated and tried to explain that leaving New Zealand for the first time made this a very exciting call to get. Continue reading »

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