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A native tree for every Kiwi baby

Trees That Count-Kiwi Families

As gift ideas go for a baby shower, a native forest isn’t usually at the top of your go-to list – but if one charity gets its way, it soon will be. Continue reading »

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping in New Zealand

New Zealands City of Waste-Kiwi Families

Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince from The Rubbish Trip continue their zero waste series with everything you need to know about zero waste grocery shopping in New Zealand.  Continue reading »

Feed your family snacks with less waste!

How to feed your family snacks with less waste

Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince from The Rubbish Trip stop by with some timely advice about feeding your family snacks with less waste. Snacks that are cheaper, healthier and better for the environment! Continue reading »

4 Surprising natural cleaning products

4 Surprising natural cleaning products

Running a family household is hard enough without having to worry about what chemicals are leaching out of your cleaning products and into your kids. Did you know you can easily make your own natural cleaning products at home? Continue reading »

Reducing the nasties in your diet

Reducing the nasties in your diet

The New Year is always a time for resolutions and the chance for change. Sometimes (if not most of the time) we go for the grand gesture, only to give up in despair a few weeks or months later when it proves too hard. So maybe it’s better to try for smaller things, which in the end might add up to being quite big things after all.

Continue reading »

Learning in life, learning in the kitchen

Learning in Life

Learning is something that we humans are programmed to do. We arrive helpless and dependent but wired to acquire language, and anyone who’s ever lived with a toddler for more than five minutes will recognise the relentless desire to explore, touch, taste, and be amazed by life. Continue reading »

Following your dreams?

Following your dreams?


It’s taken as read in modern ‘first-world’ existence that everyone should follow their dreams – after all, how else can you expect to be happy? Failing to follow your dreams means you’ll always be wondering about what might have been, won’t you? Continue reading »

What is it to be passionate about families?


Passion is an interesting word, and somewhat over-used these days, as you might realise when faced with the dictionary definition: passion, aside from its sexual meaning, is defined as “a state or outburst of strong emotion,” “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something” or “a strong and barely controllable emotion.” In that light, it does seem slightly silly to declare one has a passion for cupcakes, or Gucci handbags, or any of the other oddities that marketers would have us believe we can’t live without. Continue reading »

Caring for our families

Caring for our families

The immediate response to this title for most parents would be “but families are constantly being challenged!” That probably applies more today than it has for a long time, because challenges are being faced on so many fronts. Continue reading »

Growing your family upward – and outward!

growing families

Growth can be either outwards or upwards, and that applies to families as much as anything else. A growing family may be one that is adding to its numbers as new children come along, and that can be within one family unit, or a much wider extended family. We can also see ‘growth’ as development over time, as we watch our family’s children grow up and eventually begin careers and families of their own. Both kinds have their delights, and their challenges. Continue reading »

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