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Summer food celebration

summer food

It’s that time of year again, come around before we even had time to say “Ho, ho, ho.” (Or “humbug,” depending on our attitude…).  Continue reading »

The role of technology in education

tablet recipes

The first mention of ‘education and technology’ tends to bring people out in a rash of raising funds for computers in classrooms, and making sure every child has an iPad at the age of six. Continue reading »

Organic pregnancy


Pregnancy is a major life event, and therefore a great time to reflect on your health and what you eat! Now is the time to consider incorporating the benefits of organic food into your diet, here’s why: Continue reading »

Fighting coughs and colds in winter

Healthy families

As we head into winter, the usual ailments start to raise their heads and we dread the onset of the coughs, runny noses and aches and pains attached to colds and flu. While we can’t avoid them completely, there’s always the hope that a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle will make them shorter and more bearable. Continue reading »

Creativity is for everyone


The word ‘creativity’ scares a lot of people, often because they don’t think they are creative people. The term has been stolen by the media and features heavily in job advertisements, leaving a lot of us feeling that if tested for it, we’d fail. After all, not many of us have managed to successfully establish our own businesses making hand-knitted designer tea-cosies or beauty products made from native plants, and neither have we displayed the lateral thinking skills needed to guide multiple ailing industries out of the downward spiral to bankruptcy. Continue reading »

What really makes a sustainable family?

sustainable families

The word ‘sustainable’ comes with a lot of fish hooks attached. It seems simple enough – the dictionary definition is “able to be continued.” It’s when you start to think about it that the problems appear. Continue reading »

Enjoying a low-key Christmas for the whole family

Easy chocolate mousse

Somehow, it’s almost Christmas and it’s time to start thinking about long summer days, celebrations and relaxing for a little while. Continue reading »

Sustainable family fun at home


With all the stress of modern existence, it’s easy to become bogged down in responsibility and timetables and find there just isn’t much time left for fun.  Continue reading »

Sustainable activities for the whole family


It’s winter again – cold, dark, and occasionally wet and/or snowing, depending which bit of New Zealand you live in. So how can you keep the family active and thriving during the more unpleasant parts of the New Zealand year? Continue reading »

Working through diet changes with family/community support


Changes in our family situation can occur at any time and for any number of reasons, and they may require some quite major changes in how we run our lives.  It’s interesting to consider how many of these changes are connected directly with one of our most fundamental needs: food.

Continue reading »

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