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Protected: Why the government may owe you $479, and how to get it back

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How we used online tools to save $57,653

How we used online tools to save

In this article you’re going to find out exactly how we used online tools to save $57,653. I’ve worked in the consumer information industry for more than 15 years, so these online tools are second nature to me. And I think most people will be familiar with some of them, but I doubt everyone uses all of them. Which is kind of crazy!

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The three most important investments a family can make


When you think about how passionate you are about your family, ask yourself this question: “What are the three most important investments you could make for your family?”  Would it be things like buying a house, buying health insurance or maybe setting up an emergency fund? All of those things matter but don’t have any meaning unless you have good health, good relationships and a good education. Continue reading »

Do your adult children have a back-up plan (other than you)?


Picture this: You’re aged 60 and semi-retired

Regular contributions to your retirement scheme over the years will soon pay off and you’re feeling quietly confident that in five years you’ll be ready to retire completely. You’ve worked hard during your long career; you’ve paid off your mortgage and made every effort to generate a good level of savings along the way. A comfortable retirement has been well-earned. Continue reading »

Healthcare: We all need to do our bit


According to statistics from the Health Funds Association of New Zealand (HFANZ), the health insurance industry funded close to a billion dollars in health claims in 2014. Continue reading »

Getting creative with your financial planning

financial planning

New Year is usually a mix of celebrations, well wishes and New Year’s resolutions.  New Year’s resolutions are typically something like: “I want to lose weight”,” I want to drink less “or perhaps “I want to stop smoking”.  But what if we got really creative and resolved to get our financial planning in order instead?  There’s a challenge don’t you think? Continue reading »

Celebrate a relationship with your financial advisor!

financial advisor

I’m very excited to write about this topic this month because I actually have a couple of recent events that I can share with you which I believe are well worth celebrating! Continue reading »

Is buying online the best option?

lady at computer

In today’s busy fast paced world, technology can be a godsend. If you can transact online then that’s one less thing you need to worry about right? The size of the internet has grown so big that as at July 2014, the World Wide Web contains around 3.3 billion pages. We can do our banking online and according to Statistics New Zealand, half of kiwis have now shopped at least once online. Let’s face it: the internet provides us with convenience and flexibility. This is the way of the modern world if we want to keep pace.

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Money Week: Kids need to know about money too


It’s Money Week in New Zealand, and the word on the street is that we’ll need $4,000 in retirement just to spend on eggs! Time to get some chickens we think. Part of retirement planning is growing a savings habit, and that can start at a very young age. Vinessa tells us more about what kids need to know. Continue reading »

Taking the conflict out of family finances

Family finances

The typical story goes… you meet the love of your life, you get married, and you have kids.  You work hard, and raise your children to be strong healthy upstanding citizens and everyone lives happily ever after right?  Well, maybe that happens in fairytale land but let’s be real, being married and raising a family is not always plain sailing!  Continue reading »

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