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Celebrate a relationship with your financial advisor!

financial advisor

I’m very excited to write about this topic this month because I actually have a couple of recent events that I can share with you which I believe are well worth celebrating! Continue reading »

Is buying online the best option?

lady at computer

In today’s busy fast paced world, technology can be a godsend. If you can transact online then that’s one less thing you need to worry about right? The size of the internet has grown so big that as at July 2014, the World Wide Web contains around 3.3 billion pages. We can do our banking online and according to Statistics New Zealand, half of kiwis have now shopped at least once online. Let’s face it: the internet provides us with convenience and flexibility. This is the way of the modern world if we want to keep pace.

Continue reading »

Money Week: Kids need to know about money too


It’s Money Week in New Zealand, and the word on the street is that we’ll need $4,000 in retirement just to spend on eggs! Time to get some chickens we think. Part of retirement planning is growing a savings habit, and that can start at a very young age. Vinessa tells us more about what kids need to know. Continue reading »

Taking the conflict out of family finances

Family finances

The typical story goes… you meet the love of your life, you get married, and you have kids.  You work hard, and raise your children to be strong healthy upstanding citizens and everyone lives happily ever after right?  Well, maybe that happens in fairytale land but let’s be real, being married and raising a family is not always plain sailing!  Continue reading »

Get creative and create a retirement plan

Create a retirement plan

Are you or your parent’s one of the “baby boomer” generation?  The baby boomer generation is growing older, and creating a pension boomer problem for the Government. Increasingly, the State is going to excuse itself from its obligations, and baby boomers as well as the generations to come are going to have to look after themselves in their old age. Continue reading »

Fix or float? What to do with your mortgage rate??

mortgage rates

For many New Zealand home owners, paying the mortgage is the single largest household expense each month.  Any increase in mortgage rates will naturally have a major impact on their budget.  With the latest Official Cash Rate (OCR) hike made last week by the Reserve Bank, an increase in mortgage rates is inevitable.  Many lenders have already increased their floating rates, and unfortunately, this looks to be the first of many hikes to come.   Continue reading »

Family Camping Holiday – what are the costs of camping?

Camping with kids

This year our family vacation was spent camping at the Ruakaka Beach Holiday Park.  What a beautiful spot, with the Waipu Caves to explore, the Mangawhai cliff top walkway nearby with its tremendous views, the beautiful long sandy beach to play on and of course Whangarei only 30 minutes’ drive away if you felt the need to take a jaunt into town. Continue reading »

Family celebrations: Surviving trauma

Christmas celebrations

What am I on about I hear you say?  Think about this: imagine a family member being diagnosed with say, cancer.  Of course this is not conducive to wanting to celebrate as a family is it?  Rather you may be thinking more about things like how serious or severe is the cancer?  What treatment is needed?  What treatment is available?  How much time off work or household duties will be required?  How does this impact on the rest of the family?  So many questions to answer and least of all, what will the financial impact be?  Continue reading »

Reduce your stress by managing your money

Managing your money = Less Stress

I’ve been thinking about ‘family fun’ recently, and asking myself, how can I write about this topic in the context of finances. We don’t really need money to have fun do we? But how often do we worry about money? And is worrying taking the fun out of the family?

I imagine for some of us, we may worry about money quite often. And, of course this can, to some degree, dampen our family fun moments if we’re constantly worrying about our finances. Continue reading »

Who needs health insurance?


It’s probably fair to say that family is where most people lay down the foundations for all later interactions in their lives – one of those interactions being their attitude and behaviour towards health and wellbeing.  Most of us strive to be healthy and want to lead active lives.   It’s probably also fair to say that if you lead an active life, then your kids are likely to follow suit.  This is most certainly aided by you getting involved in your child’s physical activities. Continue reading »

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