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It’s not just bottles and nappies to consider


Pregnancy brings exciting times and whether you are creating a family or having an addition, it comes with lots of joy and sleepless nights! Just like sleep, time becomes precious and when we already have one sibling it requires juggling attention between the new baby and the other child. Continue reading »

Top tips for healthy internet usage


Parents are often bombarded with negative stories and imagery about the internet and it’s no wonder they are confused about how they should manage it in the home, if at all! Continue reading »

Is it time to focus on spelling?


It’s a new year; time for focusing on new challenges. For parents, this year will see an increase in SMART phone usage and schools moving on implementing BYOD (bring your own device). Continue reading »

Spoiling your kids this Christmas


Technology and the latest gadgets are sure to be on many wish lists this year for teenagers. SMART phones are becoming the norm and although the iPhone is still out of reach for most parents, phones running the Android operating system have fallen in price considerably.

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Are you actively involved in your child’s internet activities?


Warmer weather jolts many of us into action. Whether it is spring cleaning or just tidying up in the garden, it makes us feel good knowing we are giving everything a fresh look.

Stepping into action on the internet is no different too! Are you a parent who is actively involved in your child’s internet activities? Are you aware of the places they like to go on the internet? Do you know their favourite sites? Would you know who they are chatting to? How would you know if they were chatting to someone you did not know or approve of?

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Internet Monitoring Tactics for Parents


In March and April, Knowledge Networks asked 535 pairs of parents and their teens a number of questions about Internet use. The results were interesting:

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Top 10 educational websites for kids in 2018

Top 10 educational websites for kids

If colouring books and pencils aren’t enough to keep the kids busy during the holidays, then these website ideas might do the trick. We’ve pulled together the top 10 educational websites for kids updated for 2018. These are educational websites full of games, video, content and activities to keep your kids entertained while growing their minds. Continue reading »

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