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5 Holiday science challenges


The holidays are on and so is the mess in our lounge. I have got a great way to keep the kids busy and inspired and the mess, hopefully, limited. Continue reading »

The scientist in all of us – 4 easy experiments

Scientist in all of us

All human beings are born as natural scientists with the desire to make sense of their immediate environment. Research shows that young children learn and think in a similar way to professional scientists. Preschoolers continuously test their hypotheses and learn from their very own experimentation. Kids are naturally born with the skill to adjust their learning continuously as they strive to turn around, crawl, sit or figure out how to walk. Continue reading »

The benefits of trampolines


As parents, our job is to protect our children and support their development; so one day they can stand on their own two feet, and support themselves. Part of this enormous job is screening what’s ‘harmful, and what’s beneficial for our munchkins. Continue reading »

Get rid of the rules and get creative with your kids!

teacher with toddlers preschoolers

A friend reminded me the other day that: “A happy mum means a happy family”. I can hear you say “What has that got to do with creativity?” My response: “A lot”. So often parents forget themselves in the flurry of changing nappies, feeds, lack of sleep, caring for the household, remembering the significant other, remembering to eat and being on time for appointments. Parents forget who they are and who they were before children (BC). Continue reading »

Sustainable birthday parties

sustainable birthday parties

Hooo weee! Can’t kids’ birthday parties be just a little bit crazy?? The food; the gifts; the decorations… it can all just get a bit out of hand. Doesn’t Pinterest have a lot to answer for?!? And sustainable? Hmmm… not so much! But look: it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of thought, you have sustainable birthday parties that everyone will love. Here are some ideas that might help inspire you!

Continue reading »

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids

Celebrating New Year's Eve with kids

Another year is almost over… Christmas has been and we’ve all breathed a sigh of relief. And then there’s New Year!  I’ve never been a particularly boisterous celebrator of the end of the year and having kids certainly hasn’t helped. So whether you’re used to kicking up your heels or just keen to chill and mark the passing of another year, we’ve got some ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids. We’d also love to hear your ideas so do leave some comments at the bottom of this post.

Continue reading »

Kids! Create the best Christmas tree ever!

SKYA4531 SKY Tower Ultimate Christmas tree_Kiwi Families Webtile (315x190px)_Ÿ2.0

The Sky Tower is running a competition for kids to ‘create the best Christmas tree ever’. Kids can let their imaginations go wild and design a Christmas tree on a provided entry form found here. All entries will be judged and the best three designs will be brought to life and displayed in the Sky Tower from 14–24 December 2013. One winner will be chosen from each age group (3–6 years, 7–10 years and 11–14 years) and the artists of the winning designs will win for their family: Continue reading »

Games, games, games!


On long, wet days – especially during the school holidays – getting together around the table can be a lot of fun and games provide a welcome pastime. Here are some inside card games to keep the whole family amused. Continue reading »

Journaling and scrapbooking with kids

Journaling and scrapbooking with kids

Combining craft with making lasting, visual memories is a fantastic way to bond together with your children.  If you’ve never tried scrapbooking before, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or involve a lot of specific tools (though of course those things are out there for those who really get into scrapbooking as a hobby).  If you’ve got some time why not document a day or two of the school holidays as scrapbook pages. Or create one for you and your kids to do on a vacation?  Pick a day they want to remember is a great place to start.

Continue reading »

Getting busy with toddlers


School holidays require a little bit of extra effort on the part of parents of school aged children. Generally speaking all extra activities are off for the school holidays. When it comes to toddlers, this includes all those regularly-scheduled activities you get along during the school term too. Continue reading »

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