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Become a host family – share New Zealand with the world

Host Families NZ

Learning about a new culture through hosting an international homestay can be a very rewarding experience, helping to enable people to understand other languages, food and customs. Find out all about how to become a host family and share New Zealand with the world. Continue reading »

When a baby is not ready for this world [miscarriage]


Dear Mummy and Daddy,

The day you saw that pregnancy test, was a day never to forget. I know you were scared and nervous. So nervous you took a second test just to be sure. But you were excited too. To say over-the-moon is an understatement. I know your hearts began to race as you pictured the new direction your life was heading. You saw a family of three in nine months’ time. You wondered if you would be good parents. Don’t worry Mummy and Daddy, you are. Continue reading »

Daryl Brougham: Through the eyes of a foster child

new beginnings

Our feature at the moment is New Beginnings and over the last couple of months, we’ve heard HEAPS of amazing stories about people who have had all kinds of new beginnings. In this interview, we talk to Daryl Brougham, who experienced many challenges as a child. Despite these challenges, he went on to become a social worker – so that the things he experienced wouldn’t happen to other children. Daryl’s also written a book about his experiences in his new book – Through the Eyes of a Foster Child.

Continue reading »

Traditional practices of caring for mothers after childbirth

caring for mothers after childbirth

Around the world, caring for mothers after childbirth has traditionally been a matter of great importance. In many societies the practical knowledge of how to help mothers after childbirth is still handed down through the generations by the women elders of the family. It is a time of celebration when family and community work together to honour and care for the mother so that she can enter a period of ease, recover her strength and bond with her baby. Continue reading »

My daughter is ill and it’s killing me…


My heart died a little bit when my daughter got ill and my arms could not comfort her. When she looked at the light, and turned towards the darkness and ran. Continue reading »

Baby Hammock does not decrease baby’s oxygen levels

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.28.09 pm

We’ve recently discovered that our baby hammock was the subject of a University of Auckland research project last year. The research looked at whether using the hammock might cause impaired breathing.* Concerns about the use of car seat capsules for sleeping, and the public message to only sleep babies on a firm flat mattress, has led to some confusion over the use of baby hammocks. However, the professionally conducted, double blind study of infants aged 4-8 weeks by the Department of Physiology found that oxygenation levels and sleep apnoea are the same as in a standard bassinet. Continue reading »

Mums need better access to breastfeeding in the workplace

Breastfeeding in the workplace

The New Zealand Breastfeeding Authority (NZBA) is calling for stronger workplace policies for nursing mothers in a bid to improve national breastfeeding rates once mothers leave hospital. Continue reading »

New Zealand Trampoline Safety Standards

trampoline safety in New Zealand

In the media recently there has been a growing number of reports on the number of trampoline related injuries that are occurring throughout the world. New Zealand figures received from ACC show that 7,644 people injured themselves on a trampoline in 2013. This was an increase by 10% from 2010. That is almost 150 kiwi kids that are visiting emergency departments or doctors’ offices each week. The studies also showed that 81 percent of these recorded injuries were caused by children falling on to the frame or off the trampoline completely resulting in fractures. Almost all of these injuries are avoidable Continue reading »

Talking about Dry July (and some delicious mocktail recipes!)

Dry July

Giving up alcohol for a month to be part of the Dry July fundraiser, doesn’t mean you are admitting to having a problem. On the contrary, it usually proves that you don’t, that you can happily and healthily make a self-directed change that you and your family can benefit from.  Continue reading »

The future of kids content on tv in New Zealand


Kids content on our television is in a precarious position. We just have to look at the demise of John Campbell’s programme on TV3 to see how stories about ourselves and our country are valued by commercial broadcasters. Children’s content on our television is just as much at risk – there is no quota saying that broadcasters must have a children’s local content offering and no commercial imperative to ensure it has a place. Continue reading »

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