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12 of the coolest gift ideas for Christmas


There’s nothing cooler at Christmas than opening up the coolest of cool Christmas presents under the tree. Then spending the whole rest of the day playing with your new, cool toy relentlessly. When we were kids we all got that coolest of cool toy under the tree, so we know that feeling well.  Continue reading »

15 fantastic book ideas for Christmas gifts


It can be hard to think of gifts for the whole family at Christmas time. The great thing about printed books is that they’re well-priced gifts, they’re always cherished and they’re great to take away on holiday.

Continue reading »

Teaching your son to respect women


Hey dads, you make a big difference!

By teaching your sons how to respect women you prevent violence. Simple. Continue reading »

Cool tips for a warmer winter

warming tips

It may have taken a while to show up this year, but winter is here and making its presence felt across the country with chilly weather and, in some regions, heaps of snow. A bit of home  warming is just the thing and, with the right approach, the electricity bill shouldn’t break the budget. Continue reading »

Winter is coming… and so are the colds!

Winter colds and flu

Common colds are something hard to avoid during the winter months. Young children may get between six to ten colds per year and once one family member has a sniffle, the germs generally do the rounds. Continue reading »

Immunisation during pregnancy protects babies


It’s well known that getting children immunised helps protect them from some serious diseases. What is less well known is that women can get immunised during pregnancy for whooping cough and the flu. Immunisation during pregnancy helps protect mums and babies from the harmful effects of these diseases. Continue reading »

Electricity: Smaller, smarter newcomer Electric Kiwi guarantees to save you $200 per year


How would you like an extra $200 for the family budget? By switching your power to the smaller, smarter power company Electric Kiwi, that’s exactly what we’ll guarantee you in savings over your previous retailer. Even better, a lot of our customers save even more than that! Continue reading »

Finding the perfect lunch box

Finding the perfect lunch box

See our article Choosing the right lunch box.

Cheap is never nasty with NZ’s fairest power deal

Flick Electric Co.

Power bills. They’re something that we parents don’t get overly excited about, especially when we’re digesting the huge figure in that dreaded white envelope that appears in the mailbox each month.  In fact, power bills are something we often fear because we all know it just adds to the huge pile of ever-increasing stuff we have to pay for… nappies, shoes, swimming lessons, school uniforms, groceries and the list goes on. Continue reading »

Baby Hammock does not decrease baby’s oxygen levels

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.28.09 pm

We’ve recently discovered that our baby hammock was the subject of a University of Auckland research project last year. The research looked at whether using the hammock might cause impaired breathing.* Concerns about the use of car seat capsules for sleeping, and the public message to only sleep babies on a firm flat mattress, has led to some confusion over the use of baby hammocks. However, the professionally conducted, double blind study of infants aged 4-8 weeks by the Department of Physiology found that oxygenation levels and sleep apnoea are the same as in a standard bassinet. Continue reading »

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