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Paper Christmas decorations [Craft for kids]

Paper Christmas decorations

My kids and I visited a local craft fair recently and all three of us were captured by some delightful paper decorations that were for sale. My son was particularly keen to find out how they were made, and their maker was kind enough to talk us through it. We bought one of her creations and had a go at making our own, and are pleased to be able to pass them on to you.  Continue reading »

Make a fast rag tag Christmas garland

Make a fast rag tag Christmas garland

Make a fast rag tag Christmas garland…… and a cheat to make it even faster!
Hello again…… Continue reading »

Want a beautiful Christmas tree with minimal effort?

Christmas tree

Yes- it’s possible to have a beautiful Christmas tree with minimal effort!

Late November wouldn’t be late November if someone wasn’t trying to get you into the festive mood… and we’re no different.  Over the next three weeks we’re publishing a series of tips to help you on your merry “Christmas Decorating” way. Continue reading »

Decorating your home this Christmas


I have been thinking about traditions, and family, and how to make the effort lately.  It’s easier not to make the effort.  You feel the desire not to make the effort right through to your bones when you’re a sleep-deprived zombie, for whom stringing together a sentence that is more than a few syllables is a challenge.  You run from effort when your kids have been at home sick for a week, like mine have lately, and you think putting a festive TV show is about as much effort as you can muster in the celebration department.  Continue reading »

Make your own vase {Craft for kids}

make your own vase

Spring has arrived! Well – at least on some days. It’s lovely to make the most of spring flowers while we can. And here’s a fun spring activity – make your own vase for all of those gorgeous flowers!  Continue reading »

Cute crafts for Father’s Day


Dad, daddy, papa, father, da, dadda… however they say it, if your kids are anything like mine they adore the man about the house!  It’s a lot of fun to get together and make something for Father’s Day, and it’s somehow that much more special to give something handmade for this kind of celebration (though if your man about the house is anything like mine, he won’t complain about a block of Whittaker’s Peanut Butter chocolate if it accompanies said handmade gift).

We’ve selected some of the coolest crafts we could find, and those that will suit a variety of age groups.  Have fun putting a smile on your dad’s face (and try to remember something for grandads/koros too!)


Continue reading »

Paper roll houses [craft for kids]

Paper roll houses

There are so many things you can do with empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, it’s just a case of choosing something, or working through them all! We found something new recently that appealed to all of us. These paper roll houses are a fun thing to do on a rainy day and they’re the kind of thing that kids of all ages can do. They’re also cheap to make and don’t involve lots of complicated pieces.  Continue reading »

Homemade photo boxes

Homemade photo boxes

I suspect I’m not the only one who takes hundreds of photos of my kids, only for so many of them to languish somewhere on my computer files. It’s great to have new ways to display them. Continue reading »

7 Marvellous Matariki Crafts for Kids

How to make harakeke whetu or flax stars

Matariki is a small group of stars – the constellation Pleiades – that reappear in the sky in winter (in late May or early June) and, through the winter and spring, rise in the night sky just before dawn. Continue reading »

Craft with kids: Popsicle Stick Catapult


Crafting is always more fun and meaningful when it is shared with the ones you love. Kids are natural tinkerers but here are a few tips and tricks to help your crafting times become even more special: Continue reading »

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