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What does it mean to be a step-Mum?

What does it mean to be a step-mum

Becoming a mum was the ultimate experience for me.  It was something I always knew I would love. I have a medical condition that made it difficult for me to conceive so both my babies felt like miracles. Still, I wondered if I would have enough love for them both, turns out it is automatic, unconditional love for them both equally. Continue reading »

Parenting together

parenting together

Blended, re-partnering, stepfamilies, whatever you want to call it, life can be pretty complicated when you and your partner have children from previous relationships. And when you finally decide to take the plunge and move into together chances are you will have a very busy and chaotic household! Continue reading »

Creating blended families

great kiwi families blended families

Welcome to my world of creating a blended family. My world of love, laugher, fun, stress, anxiety and chaos… This is me… A Wife, a Mother, a Step-Mother, an Ex-Wife and the “new” Wife.  Continue reading »

Poster boys and girls of broken families….

Poster boys and girls of broken families

Baby boomers had Superman and Batman; kids today have Spiderman and Harry Potter, fictional characters who have been inspiring children through comics and film for years. And they’re inspiring because they come from broken families. Continue reading »

Getting Pregnant in your 30s and beyond

Getting Pregnant in your 30s and beyond

More people are leaving starting a family to later in life. In fact, the average age for a first pregnancy in New Zealand is 30 – which is the highest in the world! Find out all you need to know about getting pregnant in your 30s and beyond. Continue reading »

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