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Your baby, your breastfeeding journey.


Did you know that breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby? It is all that your baby needs to eat and drink for about the first 6 months, and will naturally help your little one against colds, tummy bugs, infections and allergies. Continue reading »

The 5 P’s of Normal Labour and Birth

5 P’s of Normal Labour and Birth

Kiwi Families resident midwife expert, Kathy Fray, breaks down the textbook version of the birthing process. But she adds in a fundamental process that all expecting Mothers need to consider – preparation. Find out more in the 5 P’s of normal labour and birth. Continue reading »

Why I chose to be a midwife

Why I chose to be a midwife


I’ve been asked to reflect on why I chose to be a midwife. I wonder, if perhaps I never really chose it – but it chose me. An enigma of sorts. Continue reading »



Did you know some babies are born with teeth? My great-uncle was born with two! On the other hand, some infants don’t get their first teeth until after their first birthday. Babies vary tremendously as to when, and in what order, the little ‘pearls’ arrive in their mouth. But as a big generalisation:

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Ten Steps to a Joyful Life

Steps to a joyful life

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience,

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

— Paleontologist, philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

I wanted ‘it all’, but it took me 35-40 years to realise that we’re not actually supposed to have it all, all of the time. Why not? Because, that’s Life!

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Healthier homes


Kiwi women are commencing menstruation earlier and developing larger breasts. Kiwi men sperm-counts have halved. We have to ask ourselves why?! Of course, nutrition is a huge part of the complex situation. So almost every day society in general is becoming just a little bit more aware of the positive ramifications of eating organic food – meaning the type of food human beings had always eaten until 50-60 years ago, now fashionably called bio-dynamic food.

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Sleep baby sleep – 13 steps to a sleeping baby

sleep baby sleep

When heavily pregnant with your first baby, you can often begin to feel rather swamped with peoples’ remarks regarding the pending sleep deprivation which is going to beset you once your baby is born… Continue reading »

Inherit intuition


One essential aspect of lovingly nurturing and respecting yourself, is the intrinsic need to pay significant caring attention to your own intuition. As author Jeanne Elizabeth Blum writes in her book Women Heal Thyself, “Intuition is your most powerful ally – it can allow you to ‘tune-in’ to yourself, so you can get to know your own needs”.

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Post natal depression


There is usually an exhausting, painful grief a new mother goes through – no matter how good her pregnancy turned out to be, or how thrilling the birth was, or how beautiful breastfeeding has ended up becoming, or how crazily in love she is with her new baby. It is okay and normal for new mothers to sometimes feel at their wits end with the 24-7 role of motherhood, with its self-sacrificial relentless devotion and shocking loss of self. We’re not bad to think that way. Heck, this is the one job we can never resign from and it’s unrealistic to expect that we should like our work all the time.

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Motherhood – the sacrifice


These days, when we take on the role of motherhood, the majority of us sacrifice ‘fulfilling our own full potential’ in almost every other avenue of our lives. Motherhood may well be the ultimate sacrifice.

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