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Blended family or ‘splendid’ family?

Blended family-splendid family

When I think of ‘blended’ families, I¬†remember¬†what one of my counselling students said years ago. I was teaching a course on working with blended families, and she thought I said ‘splendid’ families! Continue reading »

Happiness is a reciprocal thing


That never-ending hunt for happiness. Do a Google search and there are countless blogs and websites on finding your true happiness and inner meaning. It’s the meaning behind so many religious phrases, and spiritual quotes.

Continue reading »

8 ways to help kids find their passions

Help kids find their passions

Do you remember as a 7-year-old being mesmerised watching someone shoot the goal, singing in front of 1000s, or drawing a doodle on a page that looked like a masterpiece and thinking “I wish I could do that”…! Continue reading »

Single parents navigating special calendar dates


Did you¬†spot a lot of¬†posts¬†and¬†comments¬†on Facebook and Twitter over the Mother’s Day¬†weekend from mums all around the world?
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Growing the parenting galaxy


Let’s grow our concept of what ‘Growing Families’ means – I mean expand the orbit of the current paradigm of the nuclear family to¬†include significant, influential¬†others, such as¬†grandmas, granddads,¬†uncles, cousins, aunties, special friends, neighbours, spiritual community members. A bigger galaxy of planets our children can orbit around instead of just one (solo parent) or two. A bigger galaxy for us to orbit around so that we can get support and wisdom from respected¬†others.¬† Continue reading »

Welcoming teenagers into your home

Welcoming teenagers into your home

Our home grows frequently with over energetic teenagers!¬†They blaze into our house brimming with smiles, flailing hair, bags of clothes, giant oversized art folders, the crinkly sound of bags full of snacks and junk food, all engulfed with the beat of their Friday¬†Spotify playlist… But, like most things when it comes to raising teens, having some ‘welcoming teenagers into your home’¬†rules in place will see¬†things run smoothly for you, your teen, and their friends.¬† Continue reading »

What is this ‘Geocaching’ the kids keep talking about?


Do you keep hearing the kids and teens talking about “Geocaching,” but don’t really know what it’s about?¬†Or wonder why they think it’s so cool? Continue reading »

Milkshakes at midnight: Celebrating the big, small and weird things


We love celebrating in our house, by¬†saying woohoo to the big things and finding reasons to celebrate the little and weird things too. Being a single parent family, with only two of us,¬†you may think we don’t have heaps to chances to celebrate. In reality, Miss 14 and I find any reason at all to celebrate ‚Ķ and why not! Continue reading »

Dealing with pressure at Christmas

Dealing with pressure at Christmas

I have a huge awareness at the moment that loads of people are struggling with having a positive spirit. I recently lost someone very close to me due to natural causes, but the underlying reason was life pressures and stresses. Young kids of people I know are trying to or have ended their life. Adults are turning to alcohol or other substances to cope. People are laden with mortgages and debt. Many are working each day just to pay these, and wondering how to find meaning in their life.¬†It’s hardly surprising that people start to feel pressure at Christmas.¬† Continue reading »

13 things to equip your teen with before they go out

13 things to equip your teen with before they go out

It’s hard making that decision as a parent to let your young teenager go out certain places in the first place, right! If you read my previous post on questions to ask your teen before saying yes to going out, you’ll already have thought about about some¬†questions you might like to ask your teen before they head out on their own.¬† Continue reading »

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