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Envisioning an evolutionary leap

new beginnings

When a child is born, her brain has been given a starter set of instructions as to how to lay its basic structure out and begin the important process of wiring to create the basis for the child she is and the adult she is to become. This is her genetics at play; passed down through generations from the ancestral lines of each of her parents. Continue reading »

Tips for starting the high school year

starting the high school year

We’re flying head first into the new school year and, if you’re like us, we’re cracking into the start of another crazy year as best prepared as we can be. Being prepared is especially important if this is your child’s first year at secondary school. Continue reading »

Is your teen’s world really that different to yours?


You hear this said all the time, “we live in a different world these days…” Well, I’ve been thinking about things that are ‘different’… but also somehow the same, like: Continue reading »

8 bedwetting management tips for older kids

soiling and bedwetting in children

Miss L is 7 and continually soils her undies (heavy skid marks) and once at the local pools, pooed her togs. We thought this was because she was lazy and didn’t want to leave the fun to go to the toilet. We considered that this might be the case also with the skid marks in her pants as she often doesn’t eat her lunch at school in favour of playing. However, nothing we seem to be doing to discourage her is working and I am wondering if there is a deeper issue here. She also wets her bed at night. Continue reading »

How can I help my child be more positive?


Hi Jen,

I have a nine-year-old boy who is very pessimistic and has developed a real talent for spotting problems. Even though we are very fortunate in our lives, he will usually find a reason to feel hard done by, complain and be unhappy. I try to be upbeat and positive but in truth I can be little pessimistic too. Is pessimism in our genes or can we learn to look on the bright side more easily? How can I help my children be more positive? 

Amanda Continue reading »

Transitioning from tween to teen responsibilities

teen responsibilities

Our young teens often ‘feel’ like adults, but as parents, we habitually still treat them like kids. The fact is, they are still ‘kids’ in some respects, but they are also growing up and evolving into 21st century teenagers (kind of like adolescent adults). Transitioning from tween to teen responsibilities is a see-saw that many of us, including myself, are precariously trying to balance. Continue reading »

Hanging out in the holidays

Hanging out in the holidays

Holidays can be great times for reconnecting with our families and reinvigorating our passion for spending time together; whether we’re heading out of town, spending time with others or just hanging out at home. I particularly love having “jama” days with nothing planned and the biggest questions being which game will we play next or what shall we make for an afternoon snack? Continue reading »

Why household jobs can make your kids happier

Why household jobs can make your kids happier

David Stendl-Rast is a very wise man. He gave a TED talk all about happiness. It was a simple exploration of a question that dogs modern thinking. How can we become happier?

Continue reading »

Helping your child deal with anger

Helping your child deal with anger

My eight year old daughter has been having a really tough time handling her emotions lately, particularly anger.   She has always been a sensitive girl and somewhat reactive but she seems to be finding it harder and harder to manage her temper. We have investigated specific causes for her anger and nothing has turned up. Do you have any tips for helping her manage her anger?

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Treena (Mum of three – 4, 8 & 11) Continue reading »

Family counselling can turn trauma into healing


Imagine having just given birth and being told by the doctor that your baby probably wouldn’t live, that you should get ready to say goodbye. But then baby miraculously pulls through. The challenge, and the growth, are not over with those magical words. Baby girl has been left with a disability which challenges the marriage, as patience and goodwill fray under the strain of now finding ways to keep baby alive with medical interventions. Continue reading »

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