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Dealing with stranger danger

stranger danger

“There has been a lot of talk online about child abduction and stranger danger lately and I am starting to feel really anxious about my children’s safety. I want them to be aware of the dangers out there but am not sure how to approach the topic without scaring them. Do you have any suggestions?” Jodi (mum of two 6 & 9) Continue reading »

Creative families . . . what might that look like?

creative families

“Creativity” – what comes to mind? Inner dialogue such as “I don’t have time for creativity,” or “my kids have time for creativity but I don’t, I have to work and clean the house.” Or, “I used to be creative. . . ”

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Celebrating happiness

celebrating happiness

We’re heading into the Christmas / Chanukah Holiday “Silly” Season. It’s also the time of the summer solstice, when the southern hemisphere has turned its belly up towards the Sun. It’s a holiday time, a time of celebration. Continue reading »

The importance of loving connections on baby’s brain growth

dad and baby

I work supporting teachers to comprehend and manage children who find school difficult to understand and work in.  Of late, I have been working to assist teachers to understand the impacts on children’s brain development because of their early experiences as babies.  Many teachers are only just becoming aware that some children’s brains are ‘wired’ differently as a result of the way in which they have interacted with adults in the first three years of their lives.  Continue reading »

Celebrating Hanukkah with children

Celebrating Hanukkah with children

What is Hanukkah, besides lighting the Menorah for eight nights, before or after Christmas, depending on the year? (In 2013, November 27- December 5). Is Hanukkah merely a stand-in Jewish holiday to coincide with Christmas so that Jewish kids don’t get left out? Hanukkah is an important time for Jews everywhere and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate with your children. Continue reading »

Having a heart connection with your kids

Asian father daughter ipad

If you’re reading this, you have the material resources to provide for not only food and shelter, but also a computer with an internet connection. You probably also have ample resources to provide your children with food,  shelter, and probably their own personal devices. Continue reading »

Helping children adapt to change

children adapt to change

Children are constantly grappling with increasingly new amounts of information, environments, activities, expectations, people and so much more. Helping children to adapt to change, and to become more resilient as people, is a vital life skill for parents to teach.  Continue reading »

9 ways to avoid picky eater power struggles

9 ways to prevent picky eater power struggles

We parents can feel consumed by our role to care for our children, and feeding is a big part of that responsibility. Try these 9 ways to avoid picky eater power struggles at your dinner table. Continue reading »

5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos

5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos

Routine is a key part of our lives. We all follow some sort of schedule so day-to-day functions are taken care of. But maintaining some sort of routine while on holiday can be tricky. Here’s 5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos. Continue reading »

Using empathy to deal with your child’s emotions


For our children, just the same as it is for us, there are times when they have their big difficult feelings that really need loving attention.  No matter how committed we are as parents, our children still have their daily ups and downs and sometimes their frustrations mount.

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