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13 more ways to celebrate Children’s Day

13 more ways to celebrate childrens day

This year for Children’s Day, as well as recognising your own little cherub, why not spread the love to other children in your community? In the process you’ll be sharing an important message with your child about the value of all children and the spirit of giving. Continue reading »

7 steps to building kids’ resilience

animal lover kids and horse

Resilience is about our ability to cope with the ups and downs of life. Children need to learn to bounce back from disappointment. As they grow, they need to learn to deal with life’s issues, and also to reflect and learn from them. Resilience is a key skill for coping with life. Find out the 7 steps to building kids’ resilience.  Continue reading »

Potty training without the stress – 10 top tips for potty training

girl potty training

It is a fact that around the time toilet training usually begins, children are starting to strive for more independence and beginning to test limits. This can make toilet training a stressful time for child and adult. Continue reading »

The role that learning dispositions play in developing children’s life skills


As parents we have dreams for our children. We hope that they will live happy lives with a sense of purpose. With new technology rapidly advancing the way in which people work and live, their place in the world is changing very quickly. How do we as parents and teachers prepare our children for a world that is unknown to us? Continue reading »

13 indoor activities for under two year olds

indoor activities for under two year olds

Children have fun learning and bonding, which develops a sense of confidence and security. As a kaiako (teacher) of children in home based childcare, I’ve learnt that having fun not only brings joy to your child’s day, but yours too. Here’s 13 fun indoor activities for under two year olds. Continue reading »

Can gender affect a child’s learning and play?

How does a child's gender affect their play

Whether right or wrong, right from birth children are getting messages, both positive and negative, about what it means to be a boy or a girl. So can gender affect a child’s learning and play? Continue reading »

17 Easy ways to encourage your preschooler to read and write

17 Easy ways to encourage your preschooler to read and write

Why is it that some children love to write and draw and for others it’s a struggle to get them to even pick up a pencil? Encouraging your preschooler to read and write at this age is all about encouraging them to develop a love of learning.  Continue reading »

5 great birthday ideas for toddlers and preschoolers


This month, we are going birthday crazy at Footsteps to celebrate the launch of ‘Footsteps Birthday Celebrations.’ We are holding a birthday celebration every day of the year through the Footsteps Foundation for the pre-school children we support in partnership with Child, Youth and Family.  By creating a unique and personalised celebration, our home-based early childhood teachers will reinforce to each child how unique and special they are. Continue reading »

When your family pet dies – supporting young children through grief and change


Pets are often a part of the family, and for children they can be their best and most unconditional friend. As a home-based early childhood teacher/kaiako for Footsteps I am often asked for helpful hints for how to help little one’s through the grief of loosing a family pet. Here are some of the ways that I suggest you guide your children through this grief and change.

Continue reading »

5 great tips to creating good eating habits in your child


Fussy eating in preschool age children is very common, and a source of great frustration to many parents and caregivers. Picky eating is a really common issue, and it causes concern because we all want to do the best for our children, including knowing that they’re eating well. So here are some of our top tips to overcoming the problem and making mealtimes a breeze.

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