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9 trusted ways for handling night terrors – from Kiwi parents

9 trusted ways for handling night terrors

In response to a reader comment on our Nightmares and night terrors article, Kiwi Families reached out to our Facebook community for advice. As always, we got some amazing feedback we thought we’d share. In fact, we got 9 great ideas. Here’s 9 trusted ways for handling night terrors – from Kiwi parents. Continue reading »

Knowing your baby’s Six-Wind-Cues


All parents want to understand their baby, and I believe most parents encounter times when this can be an overwhelming task, especially in the first 3 to 4 months. Your head may be screaming WHAT? WHAT DO YOU NEED? As again you repeat the cycle of feeding, releasing a few burps, and trying to settle them to sleep. I know this scenario only to well as I too had times like this in my early career.

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Getting kids into bed

Getting kids to bed

Getting kids into bed doesn’t need to be a drama. Having the right tools can make it a battle free zone, here are some tips.

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Teething babies – Growing those pearly great whites


Some babies just sail through the teething stage as if nothing is happening. No interruption to sleep, barely a reaction at all… For others, and their parents, it is really, really tough. There can be a lot of broken sleep, very unhappy, even distressed babies, and it can be incredibly hard for all concerned. Continue reading »

What to do when potty training is not working

potty training

A reader contacted me with her son who was not a willing participant with potty training. I thought it might be useful to share our conversation for those who are having similar issues, or those looking to embark on the journey and what to watch out for. Continue reading »

It’s chunky, lumpy time – the second stage of solids

Baby Boy Sticking Tongue Out With Food

So your baby is well and truly into the puree phase of eating, and soon it’s time to move onto chunks and whole foods… Continue reading »

Getting your baby to sleep – six to twelve months

Getting your baby to sleep

This is the third post in my series about getting your baby to sleep. As I have discussed in the earlier posts about getting your baby to sleep in the first few weeks and from six to twelve weeks, your baby’s routine will change regularly during their first year or so. And just when you think things are sorted, they’ll change again!  Continue reading »

Thinking differently about baby health

healthy baby

Harlow was not a happy baby.  She rarely smiled.  Of the more than 150 babies I have looked after, she was the most uncomfortable I had ever met.  Harlow was in one of three states when I first met her: Eating, sleeping or crying / screaming. This is not an exaggeration. Continue reading »

Getting Baby to Sleep – 6 to 12 weeks

baby sleep

This month, I’m back on the topic of sleeping babies. In my previous post, I wrote about newborn babies up to about six weeks old. During this time you are probably still finding your way and getting to know your baby. Once your baby is about six weeks old, you might like to think about starting to implement the ‘the 4 Bs’ – Bath, Breast/Bottle, Burps, Bed.  Continue reading »

Getting your baby to sleep in the first few weeks

Helping your baby sleep

There is a minefield of information about babies about there and the issue of sleep is no different. Would you like to create an independent sleeper? One who is able to sleep through the night and resettle themselves as soon as they are able? This is article one in a series of articles that will help you on your journey, with information gleaned from many years of experience with newborns. Continue reading »

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