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The Amazing Newborn Baby!


Every new born is different; some cute and bald, others with a full head of adorable Elvis styled hair! Each is born with amazing abilities. You may think that all babies do is sleep, cry, poop and eat (with not much of the sleep part going on), but they already have the most amazing brain ready to soak in experiences and learning that will shape their future. Continue reading »

The importance of loving connections on baby’s brain growth

dad and baby

I work supporting teachers to comprehend and manage children who find school difficult to understand and work in.¬† Of late, I have been working to assist teachers to understand the impacts on children‚Äôs brain development because of their early experiences as babies.¬† Many teachers are only just becoming aware that some children‚Äôs brains are ‚Äėwired‚Äô differently as a result of the way in which they have interacted with adults in the first three years of their lives.¬† Continue reading »

Kindercare celebrates


Our story began in January 1972, when Glennie Oborn, a loving mum , opened her first early childhood centre in what was her family home in Auckland. Along with 3 passionate teachers, they welcomed the first twelve children. Four decades on, Kindercare‚Äôs still 100% Kiwi-owned, family-owned, and still reflects those same family values, warm, respectful care and meaningful personal connections. It‚Äôs no surprise then that it feels like “home” to the children and families we love. Continue reading »

Cord blood stem cells see baby Phoenix rise


Back in 2012, Arna Suttie made the decision to save her unborn baby‚Äôs stem cells. Whilst she hoped the cells would never be needed, she wanted to give her child every chance of a healthy life. As it turned out, that decision helped Arna improve her baby‚Äôs life in a brave and emotional journey that has been captured across New Zealand media. Continue reading »

Getting Baby to Sleep – 6 to 12 months

Getting Baby to Sleep - 6-12 Months

How to get your 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 month old baby to sleep through the night is a hot topic of conversation for new parents. But getting baby used to¬†going asleep unassisted from 6 to 12 months, is still the goal here. Getting your baby to sleep right throughout the night will take a lot of commitment on your part! Continue reading »

Thinking differently about baby health

healthy baby

Harlow was not a happy baby.¬† She rarely smiled.¬† Of the more than 150 babies I have looked after, she was the most uncomfortable I had ever met.¬† Harlow was in one of three states when I first met her: Eating, sleeping or crying / screaming. This is not an exaggeration. Continue reading »

Living with allergies: Amelia’s story

Living with allergies- Amelia's story

It’s Allergy Awareness Week¬†soon¬†and we talk to a family where allergies are part of everyday life. Kiwi mum, Amanda, talks about¬†living¬†with allergies¬†for 6 year old Amelia.¬† Continue reading »

Getting Baby to Sleep – 6 to 12 weeks

Getting Baby to Sleep - 6-12 Weeks

This month, I’m back on the topic of sleeping babies. Last month we looked at getting baby to sleep in the first few weeks after birth. But the next step, getting baby to sleep from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 weeks of age, can be quite a hurdle for some parents.¬† Continue reading »

Top baby names for 2013

baby names

Ever wondered how many other babies have the same name as your beautiful bundle? The Department of Internal Affairs has just released the list of the top baby names for 2013.



Continue reading »

Sleep advice from a Dad


When I announced we were expecting, nearly everyone warned me to, ‘get used to never sleeping again!’ My response to this sleep advice was, ‘I sleep poorly as it is. I think I’ll be OK.’ While it is true that I’ve never been a particularly skilled sleeper, this is not what everyone meant. They meant exhaustion beyond childless comprehension. Far beyond.¬† Continue reading »

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