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Thoughts on loving and learning in life

Learning in life





Without one there are none of the others. Our bodies, hearts and minds connect each of us to ourselves, others and the world through love, life and learning. We are living life fully when we embrace our natural urges to experience and engage in love and learning. Continue reading »

Parents Matter: Getting ready for the next year of learning

getting ready for the next year of learning


A lot happens in our New Zealand Summer school holidays. We have the long summer holiday itself, Christmas, New Year and then the build up to going back to school which may involve a new teacher, a new classroom and sometimes a complete change of school. Continue reading »

Blended families: Can’t we all just get along?

taking resentment out of sibling relationships

One of the major challenges within your blended family will be how to bond your stepchildren with your own children. We all have that ideal fantasy, The Brady Bunch blended family: where at the end of the day, all of your children will love and respect each other. Continue reading »

Paper Christmas decorations [Craft for kids]

Paper Christmas decorations

My kids and I visited a local craft fair recently and all three of us were captured by some delightful paper decorations that were for sale. My son was particularly keen to find out how they were made, and their maker was kind enough to talk us through it. We bought one of her creations and had a go at making our own, and are pleased to be able to pass them on to you.  Continue reading »

Interview with Hi-5!


Hi guys! We’re really excited that you’re coming to New Zealand. My kids love to sing and dance along to your songs. Continue reading »

Decorating your home this Christmas


I have been thinking about traditions, and family, and how to make the effort lately.  It’s easier not to make the effort.  You feel the desire not to make the effort right through to your bones when you’re a sleep-deprived zombie, for whom stringing together a sentence that is more than a few syllables is a challenge.  You run from effort when your kids have been at home sick for a week, like mine have lately, and you think putting a festive TV show is about as much effort as you can muster in the celebration department.  Continue reading »

Visit Santa’s Magic Castle at Snowplanet


Join Snowplanet in kick starting the ho-ho-ho holiday season by welcoming Santa to Snowplanet on November 21st! They have created a fantastic and magical winter wonderland where Santa will take up residency all the way until Christmas Eve. Continue reading »

Finding the perfect lunch box

Finding the perfect lunch box

See our article Choosing the right lunch box.

8 bedwetting management tips for older kids

soiling and bedwetting in children

Miss L is 7 and continually soils her undies (heavy skid marks) and once at the local pools, pooed her togs. We thought this was because she was lazy and didn’t want to leave the fun to go to the toilet. We considered that this might be the case also with the skid marks in her pants as she often doesn’t eat her lunch at school in favour of playing. However, nothing we seem to be doing to discourage her is working and I am wondering if there is a deeper issue here. She also wets her bed at night. Continue reading »

Make your own vase {Craft for kids}

make your own vase

Spring has arrived! Well – at least on some days. It’s lovely to make the most of spring flowers while we can. And here’s a fun spring activity – make your own vase for all of those gorgeous flowers!  Continue reading »

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