Reviews: Baby Equipment


Munch Eco Hero dinner set


Munch Eco Hero is an innovative baby feeding set made from rice husks, so it is 100% biodegradable.

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Baby Bjorn Active


The Baby Bjorn Active is a great baby carrier. Read the full review »

Snugbags Winter Weight sleep sack


High quality Merino sleep sacks made in New Zealand from New Zealand Merino.

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Uniden baby monitor (BW 3101)


The Uniden baby monitor is a video monitor that can connect to your computer or TV and can even be Skyped. It has a colour monitor as well as night vision which you can see the wee one and judge for yourself if they are actually going to sleep or running riot in their cot.

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Sili Squeeze


A washable and reusable silicone food pouch, the Sili Squeeze is designed to provide an easy way to carry and feed purees and other smooth foods to your little person. The version I have for review is one with a non-spill spout, though they are available in free-flowing spouts also.

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Love to Swaddle Up


I missed the boat swaddling my first baby and he was really difficult to settle to sleep. I was much more determined second time around and prepared from day one! Love to Swaddle Up made it all a lot easier.

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Phil&Teds Traveller crib


The seriously lightweight and compact Traveller is something you don’t need to make a lot of room for when you go away from home with bubs. Tuck it under a seat in the car, shove it down the side of your suitcase, or right on top of the rest. It’s going to fit.

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Baby bjorn active

Baby Bjorn Active review

The Baby Bjorn Active is a fantastic baby carrier when your out and about or even trying to settle your little one at home. It has great back support and soft shoulder padding. Can walk for miles with it and have your baby close.

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Mountain Buggy nano travel stroller


A lightweight, compact folding travel stroller that provides dual functionality of car seat compatibility to easily transform into a fuss free urban travel stroller – perfect for today’s busy modern families. It’s not the kind of buggy we’re used to from Mountain Buggy but as you would expect, it’s still bloomin’ awesome!

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phil&teds Navigator with Auto Stop

phil&teds navigator buggy review

If you’ve looked at buggies recently, you are probably familiar with the phil&teds Navigator. With 26(!!) riding options, it’s a buggy that works for just about any combination of children that you can think of. The new feature of this version of the Navigator is the Auto Stop.

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