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phil&teds cocoon genius car seat review

Phil&teds cocoon genius review

If you saw our review of the Cocoon, you will know that Harold gave it 5 stars. This seat is part of the same family of seats but is a convertible seat that is suitable for children aged 0-4. It goes in both front and rear facing configurations.

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phil&teds cocoon car seat

Cocoon car seat phil&teds

The phil&teds cocoon travelfix is an extendable high-back booster seat, which can accommodate your growing child from preschooler to the age of 12 (or until he or she rebels).

The cocoon’s longevity should be a strong selling point with the law change on November 1, which will make it compulsory for all children to be buckled up in a car seat or booster until their seventh birthday – two years longer than under the old law. Seven and eight-year-olds will also be required to use a child restraint if there’s one available in the vehicle. Drivers who don’t comply could be hit with fines of up to $1000, which would buy a few booster seats.
But over and above the threat of a fine, with five children injured or killed in car crashes on New Zealand roads every week, it seems like a good investment.

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protect Mountain Buggy infant capsule


You may have read our review of Mountain Buggy’s infant capsule – peppy. Well, the protect is an updated version of this capsule. It’s a compact, safety assured capsule that will work for a range to cars / families.

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Mountain Buggy haven car seat


You’re probably familiar with Mountain Buggy’s buggies and you’ll know that they make awesome, high quality products. The haven is their first car seat and it’s a little, er, different. Although safety cushion car seats are available overseas, this is the first time that there has been one just for the NZ market.

So: What is safeguard??? I hear you ask? The safeguard is wedge that slides easily into the haven’s armrest acting as a guardian to lock the child into place, and secured with the seat belt. The safeguard offers maximum safety, evenly absorbing the impact force over a larger area of the body. This significantly reduces the stress to the head, neck and shoulder area.

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Mountain Buggy peppy™

PEPPY_V1_5__DSC0021-V2 (4)

New to the Mountain Buggy Family, the peppy™ is a brilliant car capsule for little bubbas. This capsule is designed for birth – 13kg so will last your baby a good length of time. (Although, I can’t imagine that you’ll still be using it when your bubba is 13kg unless you’ve got a particularly big baby. My 1.5 year old is 11kg and there’s no way that she’d fit in it. I’ve generally found that my babies need moving into the next sized seat at around 6-9 months).

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Bubble Bum


The Bubblebum travel booster seat is an inflatable, portable car booster seat for children aged between 4 to 11 or weighing between 15-36KGS. It packs down into a travel bag and can be stored in the car or easily carried in a bag or suitcase. The BubbleBum is approved for use in a number of countries around the world, including all European Community countries, the UK, USA, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Russia and New Zealand.

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