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Play area – Chipmunks Papanui

Chipmunks Papanui-Kiwi Families

Chipmunks Papanui is a fun, indoor play area filled with stimulating equipment for children from ages 0 – 11 years of age.

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Sony FDR-X3000R Action Cam Review

Sony FDR-X3000 review

Let me just say upfront that I’m an absolute convert to the Action Cam for family home movies. The size, the portability, the durability and how they allow you to get right in amongst the action makes Action Cams the ultimate family memory-maker. And to that end, the Sony FDR-X3000R Action Cam is right up there. Read the full review »

Weta Workshop’s Bug Lab at Te Papa

Bug Lab-Weta Workshop-Te Papa

Te Papa and Weta Workshop bring you a science exhibition like no other – a spectacular, immersive experience ‘designed by bugs, for humans’. Read the full review »

Mister Maker Live


Mister Maker is a real favourite in our house. There’s not much my kids like more than doing crafts and the crafts Mister Maker does on his TV show are always really accessible. So, we were stoked to hear that Mister Maker was coming to town. Mister Maker Live is packed full of arty adventures, with a big ‘make’ to take part in, super songs to join in with, a fabulous supporting cast and not forgetting, The Shapes! Yah!

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Ice Age Live

Ice Age Live

Ice Age Live tells the adventures of an extraordinary herd of Ice Age animals, all living together as one unique big family.

The decrease in grassland leads Sid, the sloth, Crash and Eddie, the possums, to venture onto the forbidden land where the grass is greener. Unbeknown to them, this territory is ruled by the evil bird Shadow who does not appreciate visitors.

As a revenge, Shadow and his crew enter the herd’s camp at nightfall and kidnap Peaches, the baby mammoth, and the two possums.

To save them, our fearless heroes, Manny, Diego and Sid embark on a wild journey where they will cross paths with their good friend Buck and make their way through the Enchanted Garden.

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Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo probably doesn’t need much of an introduction for most Aucklanders. My three young ones were fortunate enough to spend their first years only minutes from Auckland Zoo so were on very familiar terms with one Auckland’s most visited attractions. However having moved away from the area almost 4 years ago, the memory was fading fast so these school holidays were the perfect opportunity to make a re-visit and see if anything had changed. We decided to make a family afternoon trip of it on my daughters 6th birthday to make her day really special. Read the full review »

Trash Test Dummies – A Fantastically Rubbish Show!

Trash test dummies

My kids are spoilt. I don’t deny it. They get far more than their fair share of ‘cool stuff’. So these holidays we’ve been trying to DO cool stuff”. My three young ones and I have been to stage shows in the past with various degrees of popularity (my son being particularly hard to impress). This time, however, we tried our luck with a trip into the city to see the “Trash Test Dummies” – a show featured as part of the 2016 Auckland Comedy Festival. Read the full review »

The (Kiwi) Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man review

We took our almost 3 year old (and our 4 month old) to see The (Kiwi) Gingerbread Man on Saturday and had a blast!

The play is a decidedly kiwi take on the old classic, with a few twists thrown in for good measure. Written by Guy Langford, this version of the tale begins in Grandma’s, and Nana’s kitchen and takes us on a journey through the New Zealand forest at night.

Once out in the forest, the Gingerbread Man tries to find his true purpose in the world. He meets all manner of kiwi critters along the way, including a curious kiwi, a moon-loving possum, a very sleepy weta and a clever tuatara.

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Shu’s Song

Shu's Song

In Capital E’s new show Shu’s Song, the ordinary world become extraordinary as Shu discovers the secret life of everyday objects in a home office. Shu’s imagination brings these objects to life in this charming and inventive story about exploring our environments and building relationships.

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Rainbow Springs Nature Park


One of the most well-known attractions in Rotorua, Rainbow Springs has existed in various forms since 1929. These days, it’s a nature park and kiwi conservation site. In fact, just this month, the 1500th kiwi hatched at Rainbow Springs.

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