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Purebread – paper wrapped bread – Big Mamma


Big Mamma (the smaller version of Big Daddy) is a naturally fermented bread from developed in two risings over hours that helps break down the complex carbohydrates. Read the full review »

Stop, Think, Engage

Stop, Think, Engage book review

Stop, Think, Engage: Rethinking child discipline – methods that work is the fantastic parenting book by Dr Anna Martin. This is parenting discipline 101, but in the best way possible. Read the full review »



BabyCues is one of those books that comes along and makes you think, ‘if only this was around when we had our first child.’ Read the full review »

The Kiwi Guide to Potty Training

Ultimate Parenting Guide to Potty Training

This is a really comprehensive guide to potty training in ebook form by Kiwi Families.

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Hairy Maclary and Friends – Baby’s first year

Hairy Maclary and Friends – Baby’s first year

Hairy Maclary and Friends – Baby’s First Year Cards is a set of 30 delightful cards featuring Hairy Maclary and all his friends you know so well.

The idea of Baby’s first year is to record 30 precious moments of your baby’s life. From their first smile, to first tooth, from their first steps, to their first birthday. Read the full review »

You simply can’t spoil a newborn


Dorothy Waide’s wonderful book ‘You simply can’t spoil a newborn’ is the absolute must-have parenting book for new Mums and Dads.

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Changing the World is Child’s Play


Changing the World is Child’s Play is a lovely little book designed to help parents make the most of everyday interactions with their children by turning them into playful encounters.

The forward of this book was written by Miriam McCaleb and Nathan Mikaere Walli and says: “Play is central to all aspects of human development, and while it’s a simple idea, it is one of the most complicated processes of systems integration and cognitive stimulation we know of” How very true!
The book is divided up into 2 page topics such as anger, touch, responsibility, water, song. Each topic has a brief context, an example of this in a child’s life and some ideas for how to experience this topic.

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Seeker is a book by Arwen Elys Dayton about a young girl Quin who has trained most of her life to become a seeker. Yet, on the night that she becomes a Seeker she discovers the noble calling she’s dedicated her life to is a lie. And now that she’s taken her oath it’s too late to walk away.

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Taming the Tiger Parent


Mozart in the womb, Baby Einstein DVD’s for newborns and i-pad learning apps for toddlers. From the moment the umbilical cord is cut, today’s parents feel trapped in a never-ending race to ensure their child is the brightest and the best. But while it’s completely natural for us to want our kids to reach their potential, at what point does too much competition become damaging? With constant testing in schools also raising the stakes, how can we tell when hot-housing children is actually doing more harm than good? In Taming the Tiger Parent, award-winning journalist and parenting author Tanith Carey presents the latest research on what this contest is doing to the next generation.

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Stand By Me – John Kirwin

Stand by me review

Stand By Me is all in the sub-title really: “Helping Your Teens Through Tough Times”. Co-written by John Kirwan (former All Black turned poster-boy for depression awareness) and clinical psychologists Elliott Bell and Kirsty Louden-Bell, this is a how-to guide for parents and caregivers looking for ways to help teenagers struggling with mental illness.

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