This is a really comprehensive guide to potty training in ebook form by Kiwi Families.

I’m liking

Finding a book like this which covers all aspects of potty training is a godsend to those who work in the field with children and their families, as I did for over 35 years as a Plunket Nurse.

Often information on this important topic is piecemeal and will cover only one aspect of the topic, like beginning potty training, while this book covers everything I can think of. At the same time, there isn’t any extraneous material included either just to beef up the pagecount. All questions are answered, in a simple and straightforward way, and it covers the ‘problem’ children as well (ie those that wont necessarily do what the books say!).

Having it in ebook form should make it easy for parents to get the information they need. I found the download process really straightforward. And there it was sitting in my email waiting for me to read it wherever I wanted to.

Anything to improve?

I would like to see this book available in every waiting room where there are families like Plunket rooms and doctor’s surgeries, and as well it needs to be available in Early Childhood Centres and libraries so that it could be borrowed. A small investment for such places. It could also be advertised in it’s downloadable version in such places.

The conclusion

Overall, I cannot think of any improvements needed really. It has been written in a very sensitive way and I would recommend it to all parents, especially first time parents. It would be a great gift for grandparents to give too, as potty training has changed a lot over the years.

Kiwi Guide to Potty Training – Published by Kiwi Family Media – RRP $9.95


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