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Auckland company Bach Espresso has been spreading coffee love in cafes for some time, but have branched out far and wide lately. The funky little packages keep turning up on supermarket shelves and in advertising everywhere. I tried out their medium roast ‘Our Special Place’ beans, espresso grind and plunger grind coffees.

I’m liking

I took the plunger coffee to an event, and it was a hit with a diverse range of palates. The flavours support Bach’s kickback, indulge and relax approach to coffee – in that they were soft, fruity, round and not overly complex. Leaving a sweet finish, this was some of the best plunger coffee I’ve had.

As someone who likes their coffee strong, the beans provided enough kick and flavour and performed pretty well in a burr grinder.

Things that made me go hmmmm

Bach Espresso coffee didn’t deliver quite the same buzz as some of my go-to, I’m tired-have been up to a toddler in the night-need a little help getting through the day beans. In my opinion, it’s best suited as a time out coffee or to top off a nice dinner. Chill out with a cup of Bach Espresso and you can’t go wrong. That is my opinion of their medium roast, anyway – they do offer a stronger roast on the market.

The conclusion

Bach Espresso was thoroughly enjoyable and you should definitely give it a go next time you see it on the shelf. Particularly if you are a regular plunger coffee drinker and are keen to try something new – this is the one!

RRP $8.69 per 200 gm bag.

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