Bright Ideas for Young Minds


Bright ideas for Young Minds is an activity book packed full of 70 step-by-step activities you can do at home with your children for little or no money. It really is a treasure trove of activities designed to engage, entertain and stimulate even the busiest young minds.

This book has been beautifully laid out with stunning photography, easy to follow instructions and a description of what learning is occurring for your child in each activity.

Bright Ideas for Young Minds has been brought together from the team at BestStart, New Zealand’s largest early childhood provider. So they’ve had many years of practice to see what works, what engages and what brings a smile to a child’s face.

What I’m liking

What I am loving about Bright Ideas¬†is that I have one child aged 2 and one aged 4 and most of the activities are easily scaffolded so that both my children can participate in the activities we choose at the same time. Secondly most of the activities are chemical free, so I don’t have to worry about my youngest putting things in his mouth.

bright ideas for young minds in book shot

There¬†are some really great activities in the book that seem so simple that I’ve thought, ‘why didn’t think of that?’ Like shadow drawing their toys, and the window washer. My kids seriously loved washing the windows! Another great activity that my kids loved from this book is Painting the Fence with water. This activity kept them entertained for about 45 minutes!

I love how this book has been divided in to¬†7 sections to make it easy to follow. The sections are: Budding scientists, little helpers, inspired minds, outdoor explorers, critical thinkers, young artists and busy bodies. Each section has a small introduction and explains the¬†importance of the different areas in your child’s life.


This is a great resource to have in the house. I love having a book filled¬†with wonderful activities¬†right at my finger tips. What’s better is that most of the activities don’t require me to go out and buy extra resources. If you’ve been struggling to think of engaging activities to do with your kids, then this is the book for you.

Bright Ideas for Young Minds: 70 Step-by-step activities to do at home with your child – Published by BestStart – RRP $43.90

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